"Baby on board!" Ha ha

Does anyone else find these kind of creepy?

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52 Responses

  1. hilarious! totally bizarre and freaky! I love it (in a bizarrely amused way). I think it’s a part of Martha’s plan for world domination..

  2. They’re creepy as heck, and yet…I want to make some. But I’d use them, you know, ironically….

  3. It’s like some kind of voodoo…..
    The other thing I hate is baby lead’s…like some kind of dog…yeeeuuuchhh

  4. citrus@pixigirl.nu says:

    *silently freaks out*
    Scared now.

  5. ergh!the scarier thing is, i know a mum who’d probably like that idea!!!
    (i won’t be telling her about it though)

  6. those things are scary-creepy.
    but grandparents eat that kind of thing up!

  7. hmmm if i was the parent, it’s kinda ok.


  8. Gosh, that really is creepy! I don’t think it’s good taste to decorate a corkboard with your baby’s cut-off head (even if it is only a picture!). They should have included the baby’s body at least. Of course, that won’t all fit on a thumbtack. Maybe make a fridge magnet instead?

  9. Dismembered baby heads = marjorly creepy.
    What was Martha thinking?

  10. Ditto, that’s a scary idea. I don’t think the idea of “dismembered baby heads” crossed her mind. Even scarier. 🙁

  11. rainbowofdarkness@hotmail.com says:

    Urghhhhh bunches of babies on tacks staring endless at us. Zombie babies coming for our brains!!

  12. soniamg@iol.pt says:

    I had already seen it and thought exactly the same! It’s WEIRD!!!

  13. Baby heads on thumbtacks? Martha, that’s just sicko!

  14. Now, leader of the Securities and Exchange Commission heads on thumbtacks, that would be a different story, and far more acceptable…..
    I think maybe the pressure is getting to Martha….

  15. weird…
    that would be cute with flowers or something. or even if there were faces for the whole family. but that’s just disturbing as is.

  16. Not only do they look creepy applied, but think about applying them — select your favorite baby, put your thumb in the middle of his face, and push hard.
    Using the whole body on a fridge magnet would be equally cute but not anywhere near as disturbing.

    Hope you had a great birthday!

  17. Putting myself in the place of the kid, I’d be rather skeeved to unearth my dismembered head attached to thumbtacks later in my adolescence!

  18. I saw that too and thought the staff at Martha’s have been sniffing a little too much craft glue.
    I find the shear number of all those heads a little creepy too. Maybe one, as a lark, but forty???

  19. You know, you could cut out the whole glueing process if you just put the tac though the baby heads. . . .
    But seriously what creeps me out the most is where did Martha get all those pictures of baby heads? The words baby head hunter spring to mind . . .

  20. I love the stealthy little weapon aspect. Oh, a cute baby… wWith a really sharp spike on the bottom! I can see someone losing it: “I stab you!! I stab you with my baby!”

  21. *snicker* Forget the baby heads! I’m putting President Bush heads on tacks and giving ’em out to my leftie friends. Thanks Martha!

  22. I don’t know if my opinion counts, but I though it was neat! heehee! In fact, I had plans to make some, but not with baby faces. Rather, I’d use my family members! They’d sure love that!

  23. I think it’s just the “tack” fact that’s creepy.
    I wouldn’t mind just the heads on a fridge magnet, or something a little less “vicious” (for lack of a better word). They’re cute.

  24. campose99@jhotmail.com says:

    Ha! Just a little bit creepy. I saw that a few days ago and wondered for a sec, then I thought but…but, it’s the lady of taste, so it has to be a good thing.

  25. Oh my. Very scared now. Creepiest thing I’ve seen all day.

  26. Gawwwd, that’s sick. Just fully sick.

  27. ella_hearts_u@hotmail.com says:

    Yes. Yes I do Claire…

  28. listentotheocean@yahoo.com says:

    Eeep! You could make strange little tableaus on the bulletin board…attack of the little baby heads. Or you could have a crying baby and a smiling baby facing off like Comedy and Tragedy masks.

  29. lisa_g_designs@hotmail.com says:

    eeeekk! that’s taking the whole baby love thing way, way, way too far!

  30. that was very disturbing, but definetely worth linking.

  31. Haha … yea those are kind of odd.

  32. sky_suns@hotmail.com says:

    Yes. O___O

  33. this is the real reason she should be in jail.

  34. this is the real reason she should be in jail.

  35. My god. Those are quite possibly the scariest things I’ve ever seen. Disjointed heads are *never* a good thing anyway.

  36. The scariest thing for me was the picture in the magazine with the sheets upon sheets of many many diembodied baby heads floating on the paper. They all looked so….vacant. And devilish without their chubby bodies to ground them. Truly scary.

  37. ben@neuronwave.com says:

    If they are too creepy try these things 😉

  38. oh my god.
    that’s … disturbingly funny

  39. chloe@waferbaby.com says:

    yes that is creepy, but not as creepy for the “baby cakes” recipie thats linked underneath! I know some parents love their babies so much they “just want to eat them up!” but surely thats going too far!

  40. ahhhh…! those are very creepy!

  41. srp@srobynparker.com says:

    Oh no… that’s not cool. Now I’ll be spending the rest of the day trying to get that image out of my head.

  42. I think after the staffers were finished making Martha head pins they thought it would be fun to make some for a baby…
    Maybe “Pin the Martha on the Donkey” games broke out in the office.

  43. this has got to be a way for martha’s staff to have their little giggle behind her back for sure. babies heads, five years of icing cakes…yeah, right!”If you’ve never tried piping, your baby’s first birthday is the perfect time to begin. He’s too little to mind the occasional wavering line or droopy flower, and your skills will improve with each year—imagine the cakes you’ll be making by his fifth birthday!”
    there is just something totally wrong and whacked out with martha. she’d make an awesome drag queen though.

  44. They’d be far cooler if, rather than a baby’s head, they were the head of Laura Bush…

  45. i suppose it would be funny in a psychopathic sort of way.
    eh, no.

  46. I don’t have much of an opinion, but I just didn’t want to be the only person who clicked on the link amd then didn’t post a comment using the words “scary” and/or “creepy”.
    I just don’t want to be left out.

  47. pinkyjose@netscape.net says:

    oh my God, Martha is going nuts!!!!!!maybe that’s why they want her in jail