We are so organised – oh yes. I have just labeled a bunch of folders with the different room names in the new house. In each folder we can put magazine clippings, paint brochures, sketches and whatever else needed to keep our heads focused as the task of redecorating almost an entire house is a little daunting to say the least.

So now that all the hard work is done, we can take a break!

Look who has turned up in the Southern Hemisphere – sweet little Buttercup…

She’s had to shed her lined coat so that she can laze in the afternoon heat. Thank you Hilary – she is so beautifully made with an incredible amount of loving detail. I hope Pippy finds her way to you soon. Check out Hilary’s Easter Rabbit auctions. I have my eye on two of them, but with upcoming house expenses, my softie budget has all but dried up.

And finally here are today’s five from my daily reads list. Today’s list is titled “friends – part one”:

Lliam: fresh from his stalking role in Neighbours, Lliam has updated his journal and although there are no warts ‘n’ all behind the scenes tales of the famous stars of Ramsey Street, his blog is still well and truly entertaining, packed full of good links but is not updated nearly often enough… actually, speaking of his good links, I am going to go and pillage his blog now for some links to post to Drawn!.

Nicloe: Nicole is one of the good friends I made while working at Wishlist. We often catch up over sushi or episodes of Survivor but not nearly enough. She sees the most bands and most movies out of everyone I know put together and currently she is posting a bunch of gig photos to her blog – currently – well – ahem.

Funkwit: Paul’s really not as angry as he seems in his blog. Really! He’s a little kitty-cat who eats sushi and is ga-ga over his little girls. We are seeing him and his posse tomorrow so I hope he isn’t really mad at me for calling him a kitty-cat. Often I will read his blog, and think “oh no, have I ever said ‘touch wood!’ before while tapping myself on the head around Paul?” and I am sure I have pronounced Target “tarzhay” or even worse, “The House of Tarzhay” in my past and most probably around Paul while working at Wishlist, or since. Ah, you see, a friendship with Paul – while good – is like walking on egg-shells.

52 Fragments: Another old Wishlist friend, she often appears before me at the Camberwell Flea Market (usually somewhere near the Button Lady who sells hundreds of splendid and expensive buttons) with a “Hello! I thought it was you!”. Fragments is a lovely way to catch up with her when we haven’t bumped into each other in a while. She is a hugely creative, beautiful person.

Beeep: Bronwyn is an old internet friend from the early days of blog-mania and meeting up with strangers from the Net. I hope that I will be seeing much more of Bron after we move house. She is a ray of sunshine.

Friends-part 2 will be up soon.

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9 Responses

  1. I just wanted you to know that I enjoy your journal and read it on a regular basis. Your works are an inspiration to me and my hubby is going to buy me a sewing machine!!

  2. How exciting! TO decorate a new place! Although, I can imagine it would seem overwhelming for an entire house. I’ve never had the opportunity to really decorate anything. But we are hopefully moving to a one bedroom from this little studio soon! And then I’ll finally get a chance. The folders thing was a very good idea. 😉

  3. It must be so exciting moving into your own home! I have never owned a home. I’ve always been an apartment kind of gal.
    Love the daily reads list you’re doing btw.

  4. Moving into a new house and then decoratoring, iiya! We’re doing the same thing. Finally picked out the colors and now it’s a slow process of painting. Slow ’cause there’s also a wee baby to take care of as well!
    Oh, love your site! So inspiring!

  5. laze in the afternoon heat… I should have crammed myself in that box too. That’s so funny that you mention her lined coat. Tim thought I was crazy to do it. But isn’t there just something so pleasing about a lined coat?
    Pippy came today. Thank you so much! I love her! Cuddling with her soft fuzziness is helping me through this dang cold.

    Thanks for trading with me! xo

  6. I love interior design – and I would die to design an entire house…
    Can you post some pictures of the finished product later on?

    PS: I know you hear this a lot, but your site is wonderful.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing these links with us. It’s always great to find new sites, and coming from you, these are highly recommended and very fun! Please share more, if you’ve got many?

  8. Congrats on your award – very pretty site and I notice you make dolls. Muslim girls have dolls with scarves and no faces which are very sweet – go to and click on dolls from the sidebar . .they are having a tea party