Can you believe it? I have yet another cold. I am having a super hot curry for dinner to attempt to scare it away. Don’t forget to send me your Month of Softies contribution. March’s theme will be announced tomorrow.

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13 Responses

  1. Get well soon, Claire! My only cold trick is gargling with Listerine for a sore throat..hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. I hope the curry successfully scares away that nasty little bug. I’m so excited to see this month’s softies and to hear next month’s theme. I’m all giddy!

  3. My excuse for not finishing is that February IS the shortest month…

  4. pauls@burnet.edu.au says:

    Oh no Claire, summer colds are somehow so much worse than winter ones, no blanki and hot soup comfort. Maybe you need an orange a day, they did a study using poor student guinea pigs, they gave half vitamin c and the others not and the vitamin ones didnt get colds : )

  5. I’ve got two words for you Loobylu: Liquid Echinacea. Seriously, I had the beginnings of a horrid summer cold, and only one night later I’m happily unsniffly and cool to touch.

  6. scottnmari@comcast.net says:

    hi clare – I hope you feel better. everyone thinks i’m crazy, but when i was pregnant i drank hot grapefruit juice when i had a cold- try it!
    i wanted so badly to make a bunny for february – but am completely swamped with work and school and finisihing up my 1st year as a new mom, to who else but “bunnybaby?” i, uh, also don’t really sew, but have a singer featherweight i’m dying to use.
    Speaking of softies, everyone MUST visit this site. Natasha is in some absolutely patsoral location in Russia, I think, and makes the most **AMAZING** animals:

  7. aye first visit ever. but regardless, hope you get well soon!

  8. Zinc and Vitamin C tablets help here in Minnesota with winter colds….could they help you too?I believe what you’ve made is a ‘cabbit’…..mythical half rabbit half cat!
    I didn’t get past sketches for this month of Softies, sad to say, but I think I’m going to make them anyway! Can’t wait to see the gallery and hear next month’s theme!

  9. Ack to back-to-back colds! I remarked on this to my daughter this morning and she said they’re called ‘coldwiches’. I hope we’re both well soon. 🙂

  10. Mine’s coming, and will hopefully get to you while it’s still February where you are.
    Feel better!

  11. Hope you feel better soon! Try brewing tea with pieces of lemon and ginger (simmer or steep these with the tea, then strain), and sweeten it with honey.My Softie is coming too, even tho it is after midnite here in France and therefore officially March 1st!
    Hope this is okay- (Sorry for the delay, but my softie was having existential problems this evening). I can hardly wait for the next theme….

  12. I get colds all the time too… I find that something called Sidhalepa works really work. You can probably find it in herbal remedy shops. Comes in sealed sachets and is made up of a mixture of about a dozen herbs and spices, and you just drink it in hot water like tea… you’ll either love it or hate it, but it works like a charm!