Project Baby’s Room – Week Two: Quilt Fabric

I have just been down to Patchwork on Central Park and have bought some fabrics so that I can start work on a cot quilt for the baby’s room. We found out that we are having a girl, but the ultrasound technician hedged her bets a little and said that she was 85% sure, so to make sure I keep all my receipts for anything girly we buy because we might still get a little boy. This morning, for some bizarre reason, I forgot that there is a 15% chance that we might get a boy and while I vaguely looked around for nice gender neutral oranges with gender neutral prints, I found I came away with a whole bunch of pink florals. I just couldn’t find oranges I really liked and I kept thinking of that beautiful photograph from my inspiration pages of the little pink and orange shoes.

Anyway, regardless of the boy-girl situation… I love this selection (most from PoCP, some from my cupboard) – circus motifs, some prints I got from Japan, a nice Kaffe Fassett plain buttery yellow and a couple of reproduction cuties. I am going to do a very basic 85cm x 120cm quilt made up of 10cm x 10cm squares with a border – nothing too daunting for my first quilt otherwise I am sure to never get it finished in three months.

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31 Responses

  1. Sweet selection for a baby quilt!

  2. Those fabrics are beautiful. They will be wonderful with your other pieces of inspiration. Good luck!

  3. Those fabrics are lovely!
    Best of luck with the quilt! I always find getting started on a new quilt project to be a bit daunting, but once you start cutting your pieces it’s a snap (and a wee bit addictive, too). Can’t wait to see how it comes together!

  4. I see some really yummy prints in there, can’t wait to see a quilt evolve from them.

  5. Darling fabrics! (as if youdidnt know)

  6. I love the fabrics. I live in Japan and plan on bringing home some lovely designs. Material for future projects. Mmmm.

  7. says:

    Looking good…waiting to see it all come together. The orange and the pink are great together. We were told a similar story when we (I am too kind saying we) were having Alice. There were three ultrasound technicians scratching their heads and saying they thought it was a girl, but she was hiding in a corner and would not move. A definite sign of things to come too, I might add.

  8. ahhhhh…those fabrics
    are beautiful…
    i love the colors!

    good luck on the
    quilt…i am also
    starting on my

  9. says:

    I think blue is nice for a girl too though.

  10. Oh my gosh, the fabrics are so sweet. The circus prints and the little yellow polka dot are killing me!
    I should have kept all my baby girl stuff receipts when I was pregnant with Logan. He was our 85% chance of girl. Luckily we found out at seven months gestation “she” was actually a he, then it was a mad scramble to replace all the girl things with boy things!

  11. I am glad to hear you found out if you were having a boy or girl… a quilt (and bedroom decor) is the best excuse! I was begining to think i was the only person to check… all my friends have waited? why? there is all that crafting to do!

  12. What a fantastic selection of fabrics. Yum.

  13. Oh, another girl. I hope its a girl, I always wanted a sister growing up, and I think Amelia will love having a sister.

  14. says:

    I think that even a boy would enjoy the colorful quilt produced by those fabrics. Who wouldn’t be cheerful with that keeping them cozy?

  15. Loving the colours! 🙂

  16. Great color combos!! I can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

  17. Those fabrics and colors are so precious! That is bound to be a lovely quilt.

  18. says:

    The fabrics are so beautiful. Can’t wait to see the quilt come alive!

  19. says:

    YAY!!!! Having two girls is so much fun. You’re going to have a great time with them Claire-congratulations!Sue
    (the fabrics are beautiful)

  20. So exciting planning for another little girl! I can’t imagine how happy you must be. I love pink and orange together too.

  21. Those prints are adorable!
    The ones at the bottom have a vintage air that remind me of my childhood bedsheets 🙂

  22. Sending warm and fuzzy nesting vibes to you.I saw a fabric shop today I think you might like

  23. Yummy colors! They’ll make a splendid quilt! I know what you mean about finding orange fabric, I was so frustrated when I wanted to sew pumpkin softies last year and there were so few oranges out there. Maybe there isn’t a dye that can achieve that color. If there is, you might make your own batch! But much better if you could find one in a pattern as cute as these. Love the circus one!

  24. lovely fabrics. the fabric on the bottom of the picture look like they can be unisex.i too was told that i’m having a girl. i always wonder though if something could be hiding when they’re actually doing the ultrasound at that moment.

  25. Love em. Those are delicious.


  27. wow, that’s a great collection of fabrics! I love Kaffe Fasset, too.

  28. Oooh, those look beautiful! Is that fabric store one we should hit while in Melbourne?

  29. You’d better get cutting and sewing then! Remember how gross the last month of pregnancy is 🙂 Lovely selection of course. The quilt will be beautiful.

  30. I love the fabric choices. I used your top one that’s pink with floral in my last baby quilt I just finished for my niece. I posted a pic on my blog if you want to take a look at the finished product?

  31. I’m doing my second quilt soon, and it will be just simple squares for me too! Great fabric you have there!