Sew it is

Inspired by the amazing Jenny Hart, I decided to try out a little chain stitch on one of Amelia’s spencers. I used a transfer pencil to draw up the design and then ironed it on but it faded a little while I was sewing so the “amelia” is a little ad-libbed. It was pretty easy though and I am now planning to embroider everything in sight. If anyone else out there is into embroidery, I would love to know how you transfer your designs to fabric.

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  1. says:

    Dear Claire,
    Please, give Amelia a little kiss on the top of the nouse,

  2. how totally adorable! thanks for the new baby pic 🙂
    i was obsessed with embroidery all last year. i did lots of designs on denim (pillow, bags, pencil cases) and i transfered my designs using a chalk pencil. i also tried drawing some designs on white fabric using a “disappearing” ink pen but it never, uh, disappeared. not sure what i did wrong. i also have some iron-on transfers but i haven’t tried those yet (too much schoolwork, sigh). anyway, yeay, embroidery is super fun and easy, and it makes everything look fancy.

  3. I can’t understand why a person will take a year to write a novel when he can easily buy one for a few dollars.

  4. How adorable – Amelia and the shirt!

  5. god—- i love those cheeks!!!

  6. Can she sit up on her own yet?
    Can she roll over both ways?

    – two things we are still working on

    I’m certain we are close to both though!

  7. ada – she can’t sit up on her own yet (you will see my shadowy hand holding on to her shoulder to the left). She loves to roll on to her tummy and sometimes rolls back again when she can remember how, otherwise she starts to panic and bellow. When she does manage to roll back she laughs and looks very pleased with herself.

  8. Aww.. the shirt and Amelia are both super-cute! I wish I could sew!

  9. That’s really sweet, Claire. Anything I’ve embroidered has always been via a pattern – I hadn’t ever thought of doing my own design. Don’t think I’ll start either – will leave that to professional illustrators! My embroidery is not that flash though, I’m more of a knitter; I’ll happily sew on wool, but not so good on other fabrics.

  10. Too cute! She looks like a little LoobyLu…
    Eek… ebroidery… not moi. However, I did recently sew my first cloth diaper and am so incredibly impressed with myself, considering the most complicated sewing project I had done thus far was a pillow…

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    That is the cutest little girl and the cutest embroidery ever….

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    Aww. : )
    You could draw your design straight onto the spencer with a dressmaker’s chalk pencil. My Grandma, Mum and I usually use that, or a normal lead pencil if we can’t find a chalk one.

    Hope that helps!

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    When I’ve done embroidery, I draw right on the fabric with something that will wash out. Works like a charm.

  14. She looks like you! 😀

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    Sweet, both baby and design. Thanks for sharing. Did the embroidery take you very long? I’ve used transfer crayons to iron designs on fabric from paper but the lines usually come out too thick. I’ve also tried that sewing transfer paper used for marking darts and such by just tracing the design with a sharp pencil or pen over the back. It works pretty good.

  16. oh my that’s really sweet! 🙂

  17. lordy! what a cute little amelia j!
    i’ve normally used lead pencil to mark stitching guides on to fabric.

    when i was about one and a half my mum made me a super cute yellow easter dress which had chicks and bunnies on the front. i wish that mum had kept it for when i have kids.

    when amelia is 23 she’ll look back on your embroidery with pleasure!

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    I bet I’m not the first to say this, but those eyes! Absolutely beautiful. How do you ever say no to her?!

  19. That is so cute! So is amelia!

  20. It’s great to see embroidery made simply by hand. So many people have been caught in the machine embroidery craze, and I think those machines are $500 (USD) at the cheapest. Amelia’s t-shirt is beautiful, and a unique loobylu original!
    I’ve never done much embroidery. But for sewing and for the little embroidery I have done, I usually use a water-soluble marker. I’ve never had a problem with it coming off. The other thing I use for tracing patterns is colored tracing paper, available in sewing stores. The marker is great for drawing directly on the fabric, and it doesn’t rub off. The tracing paper works for transfers, but it’s sort of like chalk, and it rubs off with a lot of handling.

  21. Unless I’m very much mistaken, isn’t that the Partridge Family logo?!!?What in god’s name where you thinking woman? Or is it a cult thing?
    Yours truly

  22. She is so sweet – grown so much! (crazy how that happens)
    embroidery looks great too – it can be her fashion label!

  23. Oh my lord Lliam! You are so right! Actually, The full Partridge family banner with chicks following mamma partridge would make a great embroidery. They all have such attitude!

    Thanks for the tip 🙂

  24. i’ve been following so many bloggers who have had babies within the last year or going to have one in a few weeks and i’m in love! and yours is such a doll!

  25. That’s an adorable shirt for an even more adorable little cutey! 😀

  26. I agree that it is simple to lightly sketch your design directly onto the fabric with a regular pencil. Six strands (or fewer) of embroidery floss should cover up marks just fine. Amelia is adorable!

  27. great drawings, great sight!

  28. great drawings, great site!

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    What an adorable lass you have there! Good job on the embroidery.

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    i have never in my life desired to embroider until this very moment. the adorableness of amelia combined with the adorableness of the shirt is quite inspirational.
    hmm…is it hard to learn to embroider? 🙂

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    Try using dressmakers carbon. It leaves a good clear impression and washes out. Also on darker fabrics, try using a thin piece of dry, soap cake. Surprisingly it is really clear, and its only soap, so no marks! Learnt that one from a bespoke tailor. Good Luck!

  32. Good for you Claire!Finally! Someone else said that embroidery is much easier than it looks! I’ve been updating an old Sea Cadet coat for a few months to make it look much less military and much more ..nice and I like to take it with me to work on during lunch breaks. Everyone always says that it looks so tough and complicated and it’s just not. I’m doing a simple design without any guide/pattern/lines but really, it’s so easy to add a touch of personal art to cloth items! I can’t wait to embroider everything I own! .. almost.

  33. Amelia is sooo adorable!!

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    Amelia is super cute!!! i just wanna pinch those cheeks. spoil her rotten..they grow up so fast!! my daughter, emilia, is almost 2 and it seems like i just had her a few months ago..time flies enjoy every minute of it!! lisa

  35. That’s little spencer looks just fantastic!
    I’ve tried my hand at embroidery a few times (mostly on cushions) and i just draw my own designs straight onto the fabric with a pencil. The embroidery thread usually hides the ugly pencil marks. But i guess this technique may be a bit tricky if you’re doing it on spencer type material.

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    they make pens here in the us that u use to draw on the fabric. it’s like a marker and it’s purple. in 24 hours the ink disappears. it also washes out.