Bilby dreaming

Most of my little creatures begin life as a very vague idea and then a quick scribble. Here is my scribble from yesterday on the back of a tissue box lid when thinking about my Easter Bilby and Easter Bunny ideas.

Tonight we are off to a friend’s animation preview and then dinner on the town. Tomorrow Amelia and I have a park date with some friends and then an afternoon of joyous and messy cutting and pasting. I am also hoping to find some time to plan a quick ‘n’ simple square for Marta’s Tsunami quilt project. There are some lovely ones emerging about the place.

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13 Responses

  1. says:

    The shirt reminds me of Piglet. And until you the link up on your site I’d never even heard of a Bilby up here in Canada 🙂 Either way it looks darling. Love the regular posts. Thanks for all the inspiration.Erin

  2. oh no not the dreaded bilby!Give me the easter bunny anytime!

  3. Actually, I rather like the bilbies, given that rabbits (despite being cute to look at) are a menace here. Also, I’ve never felt the same about rabbits since mixxy …

  4. says:

    quick one b4 i leave the office.. nice!!! 😉

  5. says:

    Cute, your sketch reminds me of Piglet (in the best way of course).I didn’t know what a bilby was until just now..ha! Thank you for enlightening this Canadian. Might I request an Easter Beaver or Caribou for big P and I? *wink*

  6. Thanks for the link to the tsunami quilt. The sketch is cute even though I have no idea what a bilby is!

  7. I always liked the idea of the Easter Bilby. But yours are waaayy cuter than any I’ve ever seen in the stores! Go for it!!
    I have to say, you’re break into the big-time these days, Claire!! It’s gaining momentum. Can you feel it?
    I’d sensed it the first time I saw your blog almost 3 years ago. I said to myself “By Jingo! That kid’s got talent!!”…even though we’re about the same age and I’m no authority…

    This was just a deluded way to say I’ve loved seeing you and your work evolve. Also thanks, because you’ve unknowingly helped me to find my artistic strength and joy again.

  8. todays illustration friday topic is in my mind and i couldn’t help noticing that your title is a whole season and and a year out of date!!

  9. my mom bought the magic rotary circle cutter for me while i was in l.a. this weekend (the more expensive one with the proper rotary blade). it says it cuts circles on “fabric, paper, vinyl, film, leather, etc.” probably too late for your tsunami square, but you’re more than welcome to play with it when i get back.

  10. those doodles are adorable…i love your site…i wish you were on livejournal so that i could friend you! 🙂

  11. The creatures are cool, but what I’m curious about is your friend’s animation. Care to give more info? You can send an email if you’d like.

  12. says:

    Bunnies with jet-packs! Yaaaay!