good intentions

Lately I have been feeling really grumpy about my supposed lack of time and how I never get a chance to get any one of my hundred million projects done. It is true that I am a mum and mums generally do have a lack of free time for projects other than the day to day looking after of a little person, but honestly, I am not that flat chat and there are still times in the day which could be put to far greater use – especially while we are still living here with my Mum who is a manic housekeeper if ever I saw one. I really do spend a ridiculous amount of time sitting here at this computer browsing through thoroughly boring sites. There are other mums with blogs who complete copious amounts of beautiful projects and I find them totally inspiring (hi Heidi!). I now intend to do the same.
I have seen that there are is a book that is being profiled about the place called Getting Things Done – The Art of Stree-free Productivity, which might be a tempting purchase at some point, but until then here are some obvious things which I am going to attempt to do:

Firstly, I am going to spend less time watching TV in the evenings (with the obvious exception of Australian Idol – although I am going to skip all the spin-offs such as Inside Idol and the Unforgettable special which are really just filler)

Also – I am going to spend less time browsing the web including a lot of blogs that I am really not that interested in but visit out of habit and history. No more browsing of ebay auctions, and less time spent in all those forums etc.

And I am even going to try just checking my favourite blogs once a week.

And finally, when the Sims2 is released I will resist playing it into the wee small hours of the morning

Here is a partial list of my current projects:

Surprise birth gift for baby Lucy (Surprise! It’s a year late!)

Birth gifts for four new babies (toy dogs)

Bag o’ Wonder

Rowan sweater for Amelia

Blythe clothes


Christmas cards

Teddy bear

Series of cat dolls

Amelia’s birthday gift

Children’s book

website for friend

christmas angels

I want to add a couple of things to that list too:

tin flowers

Tigger (does anyone know where i can get Skacel Luxor 107 online? I can’t find it anywhere.)

a calendar

some tote bags

the restoration of an old folding screen in the garage

finally finish my doll’s house

a pincushion in one of my ramekins

and more!

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28 Responses

  1. For the Skacel Luxor ry though they don’t have shade 107.

  2. Hi ClaireYou really are so hard on yourself.
    Anyway being the approval seeker that i am i found a couple of links for that yarn. I assume that you have no objection to overseas since skacel only lists in USA and Canada.
    Both these people have it listed at $6.50 per ball:
    and (this one seems to want you to buy 10 balls)
    Just a thought – have you checked lincraft lately?
    they seem to be getting a more extensive stock list of unusual yarns. Or what about Marta’s Yarns (cant remember the suburb – somewhere eastern).
    Anyway 2 other things
    noticed a book you were reading raising girls and i know its early but I just finished reading “queen bees and wannabees” – excellent book for the future. and lastly – do you have a postal address where i could send you something?
    loving your work.

  3. oh, I hear you claire!
    …and if my blog is one of those sites with which you say, “my god, why?” and reading it less would be better for productivity, then I approve. (not that you needed it)

    – especially since I think I will be posting less and logging on to boring sites less myself (as my courses start again.)

    i think i will follow suit. it will be better for me too.

    no more exuses!

  4. Hurray! Just don’t try to do it all at once, OK?

  5. says:

    Found a quote I keep by my computer to try to remind me to do the stuff that’s important to me not just what’s important to everyone else:”To kill time is not murder, it’s suicide.” -William James, psychologist and
    philosopher (1842-1910)
    I still get trapped by the TV though….

  6. says:

    I just stumbled across this sight looking for infant tshirts to screen print…another extension of my business..why are we never content to stick to one thing till its finished.Im so tired..been on the net for hours…but this made me laugh and smile…i will attend to dinner tonight with a renewed enthusiasm…there really are other women out there just like me!!!!I will be checking this site OFTEN!!!!well off i go to attend to my “little and big” people….

  7. Argh! I need a lie down after reading that list, I’m exhausted!
    Seriously though, there must be something in the air. I’ve just been swamped with work, and have given up TV and random browsing in favour of, you know, earning a living doing what I love etc.

  8. says:

    It sounds like you are feeling very clear-headed about your goals. Reading boring blogs? No, I never do that…..(or so she says, an hour after getting online). You’re right about My Paper Crane being an inspiration! I live in Tokyo, and have really started making an effort to turn all of that inspiration floating around in my head into Tangible things. Fabric and quilting are my main interests.

  9. I bought it on the weekend. You can grab it off me in a week or so.

  10. Whoa, that post hit really close to home. I am attending a stress management course tomorrow (it’s free), so I’ll let you know if I learn of any good ideas.
    This household eagerly awaits this year’s Loobylu Christmas cards. Any chance of having a warm-weather Australian theme as one of the styles this year?

  11. no luck re: finding somewhere online that sells both yarns…you could give emailing the editor or designer of the pattern at knitty – they might know of someone…good luck.

  12. says:

    I hear you. from having 100% time for me, me, me, I now share it with my 2 yr old, my house and my boyfriend. I too have lists of things to do that frustrate me. If only I had time, haha. The internet is my substitute for (fun) shopping I dont have that much time for now. (I think it is). Finding inspiration, finding new fun things. I do like reading your blog. It’s very creative!!

  13. says:

    I find that those are the same things that bog me down as well (tv, internet surfing etc.) from doing the really important things to do.
    BTW, are you coming out with Loobylu “seasons greetings” cards this year? (sorry if this added to your list)

  14. Oh Loobylu, its like a global virus! I’ve been stressing for days about why I constantly have such long to-do lists floating around in my head and the amount of stress they cause me when they don’t get shorter. I was retrenched a couple of months ago and thought “Yippee! fix up the blog, do this, do that….” None of it has hapenned! I haven’t found time to do anyhting but get married, go to Spain and look after Jacob! But how do you maintain your being-efficient-and-getting-things-done state of mind with the slower state I need to play happily with my son and do things at his pace? I seem to find it hard to switch, I can do one or the other, but not both?

  15. I wonder if it’s the time of year (fall here in the States) — I had to post a comment to say that the book you mentioned is sitting here by my desk and I’m going to start reading it today.

  16. says:

    I am surprised by your thoughts because I am always impressed by how much you get done! But I can totally relate – I am overwhelmed by quilt sketches that never get made, gocco ideas and half finished knitting projects (including a felted diaper bag that may or may not be done by the time my daughter is out of diapers!). I keep telling my pregnant friends to get everything done now!

  17. I went to a Nicholson Baker reading last year and he said that he repeated a mantra to himself that always got him doing the things he needed to do: DWDWD — Do What you Don’t Want to Do. Sounds like your list is full of stuff you DO want to do, but you get the point! I’ve posted a little DWDWD sign above my computer at work and home and I find it really helps keep me on track.

  18. Sorry to tell you this , Claire, but no matter how much time you have, it’s never enough. Believe me. I free up time by watching almost no TV and then my attention is snagged by a great book, or a great set of blogs, or this cute purse I want to make, or this…well, you get my drift. I think this is especially true with creative people. There is just so much out there to explore.

  19. Hey, that’s how I feel! “Trying to get going on the things I want to get going on.” is even what I put in the about me section of my blog. Maybe I should get that book. 🙂

  20. Hello!I adore the projects you do and have become a huge fan of your crafts and artwork!

    Would you happen to know of really good craft/inspiration sites for us beginners?

    Will you ever make “how-to/tutorial” pages for the projects you’ve done (even though you just blogged about not having time haha)
    Take care.

  21. No way! I totally thought you were already one of the most productive people on the earth? You surf boring addictive websites, too?
    Loobylu is seriously a blog icon…productivity has to be involved to achieve that…

    You’ve inspired a blog, I must run.

  22. says:

    Oy! Sorry, I missed Christmas Cards on your list simply because I was scanning and not really reading to try to do things quickly while getting ready for work this morning. Question answered!

  23. Okay, so just one more thing to look at:
    the 3 to watch:

    Microsoft pants
    How to buy a computer
    Net parents

    the web site is so well done, too…

  24. says:

    Hi there – I have been reading your blog for a few years, and make time for it as I am so impressed and inspired by your creative efforts – particularly with your little one! I have a 17 month old and I find myself with a longer wish list and just shreds and tatters of time – so thanks and hooray to you!

  25. says:

    Claire,I must say I’m kinda glad to hear that you struggle to find time to do all the things you want. I don’t wish misery on you – but I often look at your site and think how do you do so much and cram so much in (creations and information) and be a mum, daughter, partner etc…
    I have the most ridiculous work schedule (working as a journo) and whenever I get a bit down about the daily grind I look at your sight and it always gets me thinking (and usually it gets me inspired too). When I read your ‘good intentions’ entry I was feeling so incredibly low myself about not doing much creative at all (I’m only just starting to branch out into creating things out of materials other than words) and it reminded me and reassured me that these trials are shared. I sometimes inadvertently convince myself that everyone else is creatively fulfilled and organised and making a living out of what they love without angst.
    Anyway – thanks for the inspiration. Again!

  26. not suprised you feel a bit grumpy – I would be too if I DID so much as you do – dont spread yourself too thin! good advice from a mum of 25 years!

  27. On the “DWDWD” comment above: Yes, i’m sure he’s right. But i prefer John Perry’s technique, Structured Procrastination: .
    Seriously – it’s meant to be a humorous essay, but it works!

  28. My LORD you’re a busy one… And here I am having trouble writing a few creative posts here and there.