Not quite reality

Big-P and I have just got back from a weekend in the city – the Adelphi Hotel, walks in the rain (freezing and hurried but it sounds romantic), long lingering strolls through galleries, bookshops and comic shops finished off on the way home with a movie at our favourite Rivoli. We saw Before Sunset because we are sad, nostalgic Gen-Xers – and even more of an awful admission is that I quite enjoyed it.
Two discoveries from two very different galleries; The first was Souther Salazar at Outré, and the second was Sarah Sze at the NGV – “Even the details in Sarah Sze’s sculptures have details”.

And tonight we’re back in the suburbs where it’s almost as exciting because there’s a hard rubbish collection on Tuesday and there are all sorts of strange folk in huge trucks and station wagons trawling through the streets and digging through the piles of junk.

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9 Responses

  1. Ahhh, I loved Before Sunset!

  2. says:

    Oh! I’ve been looking out for more Sarah Sze information, intrigued that she was one of 2003’s recipients of the Macarthur Fellowship (‘genius grant’). Perhaps a trip to Melbourne is in order…
    I’m still reading loobylu daily (after how many years?!), and am always so happy to hear about your life & projects.

  3. woohoo – I have been waiting for the sequel to “Before Sunrise” and had no idea it came out this summer – the joys of living in a remote part of Canada I guess. Thanks from another nostalgic gen-x.

  4. Sarah Sze’s work is just beautiful, isn’t it? There’s a great book about her in the Ian Potter gallery bookshop.

  5. I have been slack in not visiting for a while – I love the spring re-design!
    And the Adelphi! I once had a case run in Melbourne for six months and spent four of them living in the Adelphi so you are bringing back fond memories for me. Watching people walk down Flinders Lane while swimming in the see-through swimming pool was a great way to start the day! Did you work out how to turn on the lights?

    Your creative frenzy makes me jealous as I have been seriously slowed up in my craftiness since the baby arrived – I look longing at my knitting basket while patting Nell to sleep!

  6. Before Sunset: a sweet intoxicating dip back into the lives of Jesse and Celine. My wife and I loved the first film and we loved the second. Delicious film. Probably the best ending for a movie hands down. Made me get our Nina Simone CD’s out and listen for a whole week after seeing it.
    (And I don’t see why it’d be an awful admission– It’s been given a great reception across the boards.)

  7. I liked the movie too! Anding…hwell, they sure make you use some imagination. Thumbs up!

  8. says:

    “before sunset”, one of that movies i keep seeing all the time :))

  9. I loved Before Sunset too! And I haven’t seen Before Sunrise yet, so I guess I’ll be doing them backwards.