Just quickly before Idol starts…

We looked through 9 houses yesterday. A couple were just ok but too small, most needed a lot of work and the last one was so bizarre in it’s 1950s styling that we were almost tempted to overlook its major short comings. So it was a little disappointing but at least we are getting a good feel for the area and the market etc etc.
Meanwhile I have started knitting the bag o’ wonder! Hazzah! The Rowan Polar is gorgeous to knit with (as it should be) but fluffs up a fair bit. It doesn’t look bad, just not as silky as I expected. Perhaps for the next bag I will try some of Jo Sharp’s Silk Road Ultra.

And now that Amelia is safely tucked up in bed for the night (exhausted from attending a very full on but great fun three year old birthday party), I am already in my pjs (it’s 7pm – also exhausted) and Big-P is making pizza (he’s had a nap). We are going to settle in for a night on the couch watching Australian Idol, Pride and Prejudice and then a video of the Regency House Party. Bliss!

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7 Responses

  1. mayachatti@yahoo.com says:

    pride and prejudice! oh how i wish i had that right now. just finish reading the book and have been yearning to see mr. darcy in the live.

  2. I like the look of the Rowan yarn. What will you line it with?
    BTW, just woke up here (7:45am) and as BBC is my homepage, there was a headline about a baby snatched from her mother in an underground parking garage in Melbourne. Makes you wonder what kind of person could do such a thing. Doesn’t just happen here in the good ole USA but nuts are everywhere.

  3. Good news about that: Heard today that the baby was found in an abandoned house, and reunited with her grateful family.( I’m a U.S. nut living in here in Melbourne 🙂 )

    Anyway… just wanted to say, Claire, that I love coming here for inspiration and artsy links, but also for posts just like this! A quick update on a yummy night of contentment. It’s a joy to read about the fun things of day to day life!!
    yAy FoR YoU!!!

  4. Yes, baby is all safe and sound and the mother looked most relieved on the news.
    I will be lining it with some fabric yet to be found, but thinking of using some of that japanese inspired quilt stuff that seems to be everywhere. If I can match the red it will be perfect.

  5. judyhertz@optusnet.com.au says:

    I too live in Melbourne and have nearly completed a jumper using the Jo Sharp Aran Silk Road Ultra. It has a really nice sheen, hasn’t become fuzzy and is absolutely dreamy to knit with. I purchased the yarn at the Wool Baa in Albert Park and the ladies there calculated how much wool I would need as I was using a Rowan Kid Classic pattern.

  6. The yarn looks beautiful – I’m very much looking forwards to seeing the finished Bag o’Wonder!
    And, hurrah! Chanel is in the final 12 for Australian Idol. Looks like the voting paid off 🙂

  7. Yes! hooray for Chanel! My mum and I voted five times — sad but true.