Plastic Fantastic

I have had a pretty busy couple of days full of exciting events. This has been a cold free week for Amelia and me so that’s made everything much more enjoyable.
The fun all started with ducking next door to attend a tupperware party with my Mum on Wednesday night. The party consisted of a group of women about mum’s age guzzling champagne and oohing and ahhing over very expensive plastic containers. Apart from wishing the tupperware came in cuter colours and more intriguing designs I had a lot of fun.

Yesterday I left Amelia with mum for the day and went into the city to attend a Design Walk which the Museum was holding as part of the State of Design Festival. Our gracious host was Design Curator Sara Thorn (whose textile work I have long admired) who led us through the city to visit various studios and listened to the artisans discussing their work and their businesses and then ended the day with afternoon tea at the gallery. It was totally inspiring and great to see such different personalities with different approaches to their work. All were passionate and obviously extremely dedicated but for me visiting Vixen and meeting Georgia Chapman and being shown around their breathtaking studios in Bourke Street was a joyful highlight. I came away feeling ready to throw myself into my work again.

Sara Thorn
Vixen Australia
Susan Cohn

While the rest of the tour group was shown around the Design Exhibition at the Museum, I hurried off through the rain to meet Christina who I have been chatting to ever since I have discovered blythe dolls. I am helping her out with a website and it was a good excuse to sip hot chocolate on Lygon Street and meet a fellow doll fiend. She was lovely and I can’t wait to get her site up so everyone can check out her exquisite prints, dolls and clothes.

Big-P came to meet up with me and then we headed back into the city to attend Van’s exhibition opening at West Space – “What Big Eyes you Have“. A little like her installation “Small Horrors” from a couple of years ago, we were invited to peer through a hole in the side of a wooden box and watch as scary monster shadows moved across a child / doll’s bedroom walls. Around the gallery walls Van was also displaying some of her large line drawing-paintings. I was so struck by one of a little girl crying into (or making) a puddle that sometime after the exhibition closes and we have a house, we will be hanging it above our couch! Hooray!

By this point I was staggering but we managed to stop by our favourite Sushi House and eat so much we had to roll home. Best day in a long time.

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5 Responses

  1. Very urban chic of you….you hip NYC style gal.
    btw – Suze is feeling the need to defend the honour of tupperware so no doubt you’ll be hearing from her 🙂

  2. Please don’t get me wrong! I loved the tupperware — it’s like lego for adults.

  3. Gaaaa! How…how COULD you! Referring to Tupperware as plastic! Oh, the sacrilege! And please, it’s capital T Tupperware!
    (mutter, mutter, mutter,…going off to colour coordinate all my square rounds and stack them neatly…)

    Bet you didn’t know I was a Tupper freak!! ; ) (or did you?)

  4. I had suspected — I have seen inside your incredible pantry and you have Tupperware to be truly envious of. It isn’t plastic?? What is it??

  5. Oh, golly, I’m going to have to remember what my Tupperchick told me… Plastic containers will leach nasty chemicals into food if the food is put in the container hot, as will Glad Wrap and similar products, but Tupperware is made of different stuff and will not leach any goobies into food. I think it doesn’t have any petrochemicals or something like that… Truly a great substance!