Late afternoon photoshop doodling


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15 Responses

  1. I love that grainy texture…. Love love.

  2. says:

    hmmm. so you are into “the koala brothers”…no way. much prefer the new 7.30 slot of ‘George and Martha’…noting that it is produced by Maurice Sendak – the author and illustrator of that classic “Where the Wild Things Are”and the voice of George is by ‘Nathan Lane’…and i still think it is a shame that your kid has to be a real early riser if you want to catch ‘Rugrats’…i am getting reaquainted with early morning tv though – number 2 arrived on the 25/9 and i’d recommend you sit tight with the child you have…2 under 2 is heavy going.

    great (in)site

  3. beautiful as always. love the texture. 🙂

  4. says:

    i’m sure you get this all the time but…. girl, you are sooo talented!

  5. Wow Claire, you’re an inspiration…Thanks for being you!

  6. It would be truly great if you could some day write up some tutorials for us fans of your style. Y’know, when you can find time between being a mom and all. ^_^
    Keep flinging out the good work.

  7. says:

    Very nice! Everything about it is good.

  8. Hey. Has anyone every approached you to illustrate a children’s book? I have an idea I’m working on… Can you draw a gorilla?

  9. I meant “ever” not “every”. Oy.

  10. SO charming! Thanks for sharing it.

  11. Cute as ever! Wonderful, Claire! Amelia has a great mommy.

  12. Wow, that’s a wonderful doodle! :)You’re such an inspiration! I agree with Andrew, tutorials would be good, but till then, can you advise on a good photoshop / graphics book to start with? I have done lots of basic graphics for my websites but never really got further than the most basic features of Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop… I would love to however. Any ideas on how to start?

  13. It’s beautiful, Claire!
    I would also appreciate a tutorial 🙂