Boo hoo

We found out yesterday that the owners of our perfect little house want to move in to it at the end of our 12 month lease. That’s at the beginning of July. I was really hoping we could stay here for a while. Now when I look at the lovely evening light spilling in across the lounge room and when I hear the wind in the pine tree outside our bedroom window I just feel sad.
Apart from feeling sad there is also the hassle of finding a new place and moving again.

On a more cheery note, I have done some illustrations for the A A Milne poem “The End” for my friend Bronwyn. I have put them up over here, and I have put some of them on a mug which will be on sale for ONE WEEK ONLY at CafePress – which means prices are in US dollars.

And in other news, I won my first ebay auction! A piece of fabric for three dollars. Hey big spender!

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25 Responses

  1. Claire,
    I love your new experiments and find them to be, in my opinion, your best work to date. I love the textures. Just beautiful!

    Sad about your house though. I feel your pain.

  2. O Claire! I think those are your loveliest illustrations yet! Honest! There’s something so fresh and pure and joyful about them. I have to ask: do you think being a mother has changed your perception, put you in touch with something all together new? I’m being awfully presumptious here, but it seems to me that darling little A.J. has heghten your awareness in some way, giving your art a new attitude that is light and new, but deeper and earthier all the same. Bravo! What a delight!

  3. Those are wonderful illustrations. I just sat and admired it for a bit. Sorry to hear about the house. Feel better.

  4. says:

    Hi!I’m a fan of your site! You are really talented and it always brightens my day to visit loobylu.

    Guess what? I think I have a great site for you to visit (after seeing the fabric you ordered). If you get a chance, visit:
    The pattern of your ebay fabric reminds me of the pattern sold on the Kaffe Fassett site called “venitian glass” I ordered it and used it as curtains in our house. It’s cotton and really translucent. Comes in lots of colors!! Not too pricey, either. The site has all sorts of cool knitting and needlework stuff, too.

    I live in Colorado (USA) and find it interesting to learn about Australia through your site. Australia seems really beautiful and blessedly far from the awful political mess happening right now.

    Good luck with finding a new place to live…it’s no fun moving with a small child (I have a 2 year old and we moved when he was about a year…major pain!).

    Your illustrations look great!!

    -Liz Sullivan

  5. Hey Claire,
    What are you going to use the fabric for? Is it big enough for a cushion?


  6. your illusturations are wonderful!

  7. Although I have often commented here before, I have never felt more compelled to do so after reading this entry.
    Firstly, I’m sorry about having to move. But I’m sure you will find some other place to call home very soon.

    Secondly and most importantly, thank you so much for showing us your absolutely gorgeous illustrations for A A Milne’s ‘The End.’ Before we proceeded onto the next part of the poem, my sister and I had already recited the whole thing, because when we were little girls we knew it by heart and it was our favourite poem ever (and we felt so clever reciting it as 4 year olds). We hadn’t thought of it in so many years, and it truly made our hearts flutter….. and your accompanying illustrations really added to the moment. So as soon as my mum wakes up, we’re buying your mug 🙂
    Thank you so much again!
    Best wishes

  8. The illustrations are wonderful!!!
    Something to be very proud of.

  9. Oh! I so love these gorgeous illustrations. They are precious and lovely.Best of luck with finding a fab new home that brings you much joy!

  10. says:

    I love your illustrations!

  11. Hi There- This is a note from one heart-sick friend indeed. We purchased a tiny blue cottage 5 years ago. It was 900 sq. feet and had space to wildflower garden. Swingset inthe back yard- perfect… then, our children who were at that time toddlers- began to grow and we needed much more space. Toys were everywhere!!! So a couple of months ago we found this house, purchased it and still, I cry for ‘Home’… wondering when we get to go back… 🙁 This house is big and lovely. It is a cabin deep in the woods- much like a hunting lodge- but I still miss my little blue cottage in the sun. I hope that you will find a new wonderful place to call home. 🙂 Best of luck.

  12. says:

    What a pain to have to move out of your lovely little home. Good luck on finding a new place!

  13. Hey Claire, I’ve been meaning to ask this for ages but the Milne pictures just bring it into focus – when are you going to write a children’s book? I’m sure you must have thought of doing this. I just want to affirm you – almost irrespective of the story it would be a *great* book – the sort of book that gets battered through being kept under the pillow and which you find in the attic thirty years later and it all comes flooding back…

  14. Claire,
    My daughter Raven and I really enjoyed your poem illustrations today! Raven is an artist as well, albeit only 7 years old! Keep up the great work, and thanks for enlightening our day!

    Allie and Raven-Dawn

  15. says:

    Allie> oh that is MEAN! Dyeing your girl’s hair pink & purple? sheesh. And I thought *my* parents were mean for letting me wear pink tights and a purple 90210 sweatshirt to school in grade 6.

  16. It seems like you just moved into your magic cottage! Well, who knows what will come with the next house? Good Luck with that!
    Ah, the mug…Just heartwarming lovely!

  17. hey claire,
    the illustrations are fabulously lovely. i second the demand for a childrens’ book.

    my grandma used to love quoting AA Milne to me when i was younger. now the illustrations have been added to my memories associated with the poem.

    you’ll find another house, and you’ll be able to fill it with even more memories.

    what’s this about mean parents..? when i have kids i intend to grow their hair and then before they start going to school, i’m going to cut their hair into a mullet for a week. during that week i’m going to take heaps of photos of them in different clothes and different situations. then i’m going to cut the mullet into a rat’s tail and even more photos.

    (wow, i really have developed this theory far too well)

    then a normal haircut for the start of school. and amazing visuals for their 18th and 21st birthday celebrations!

  18. Beautiful work Claire- love the almost “cut out” look that they have.Bummer about the house. Moving is crap.

  19. So sorry you have to move. I followed the link to the photos and your house looks divine. So much light and space.
    I hope your next place will be just as lovely. Who knows it may be even better!

  20. Hello, this is my first visit to your enthralling web site. Your illustrations are marvelous. I saw the snapshots of your house and am out of words. It seems like out-of-dreamland to me – the kitchen view, the glass cabinet – it is wonderful. I know I am saying this at the wrong moment, but hey, at least you spent sometime in this brilliant place. Treasure the memories.

  21. We had something similar happen to us in our last place where the owner decided she wanted to move back in. If it’s any consolation, we managed to find an even nicer place that we love even more, so it is possible. 🙂

  22. I’m really sad to hear that you guys are going to have to move! Your home was so charming!
    Love the new drawings – I am going to have to try and convince my husband to let me purchase something from the US 🙂

  23. SO *beautiful*! These illustrations are just exquisite — your style is so perfect for the innocence of the verse 🙂
    Nasty news about the house. I just moved interstate and I can’t help but wish everyone could stay put once they find the perfect abode! Good luck xo

  24. aaargh! no money! must resist temptation to buy beautiful mug!
    sorry about the house, claire. hope you’ll find a new one that is just as lovely very very soon.

  25. I tried signing up for/getting into Cafepress, but it wouldn’t go and I only just got back from my M-i-L’s funeral. Any chance you’ll put the mug up again?