Doll face

Well, movement on the doll front has been very slow. I am still going to make a doll for Amelia J but I don’t think it’s going to get to her for Christmas so it will have to be more like for her first birthday. I have decided that I am going to make her a cat doll because she is particularly smiley when we make little kitten “meow” noises. Here are some preliminary sketches (doodles on the back of an envelope):

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  1. wow u can even draw good when you are just doddling. i cant draw even if i put my whole concentration on it.

  2. These sketches are beeaauuutiful. Very cute. Amelia is an incredibly lucky child, having a mom who plans toys for her with such love and then designs them with such care. This would be the place where I would say something about my mom… I will not do that. Or maybe my dad… and how he taught me to use both sides of the paper.I like how you use the envelope. ArenΒ’t envelopes sometimes the best drawing surface? Why do you think that is? Is it because their surface was looked at and touched by so many people? There is a Tom Friedman piece, an empty looking piece of paper that he stared at for a 1000 hours. I bet that is a great drawing surface. Boy, I have the feeling I am losing the point here. Thank you for giving us a glimpse at your virtuose drawings.

  3. oooh, so cute!
    you could make little costumes for kitty to match little amelia j’s events in years to come … first day of kindy, first day of school, wedding day etc.


  4. oooh! I’ve been making toys for my expected kiddie too!started on a little bear in a similar rag doll kinda style. will post pics when I’m done!!

  5. The cat with an “x” for a mouth reminds me of a bunny that I had when I was a little girl. I used to think that the bunny always looked sad, so I got a black pen and made the “x” into a smile.

  6. Claire, you don’t happen to be one of Santa’s elves do you? πŸ™‚
    Amelia J. is so wonderfully blessed. Holler if you guys need anything. We’re all here.

  7. I want a kid doll for my cat and a cat doll for my kid. Or maybe a cat body with a kid’s head for one and a kid body with a cat’s head for the other? Totally confuse them. Or maybe I’ll just start wearing a cat mask everywhere I go.

  8. Looks like it will be adorable. She’ll love it.

  9. says:

    My friend makes beautiful rag dolls… that are double headed.
    You have one doll with a long skirted dress, but when you turn her upside down, there’s another doll under the skirt, with a different dress on – you could make a happy and a sad one, or a girl and a cat one.

    Your sketches are fab – I’d love to see the completed article, looks like it’s going to be beeeutiful.

  10. my sister had a kitty girl doll when she was little – the body was soft and furry like a cat but it had little girl clothes like dresses with pinafores, soft overalls, stuff like that. i should see if my aunt still has the pattern! if you’re interested, let me know. your sketches are darling.

  11. Oh! Very cute. This reminded me vaguely of Agathe the Cat from the Rue de France catalog. I think the url will work, if not, it is

  12. Lovely doll… I wish I had one like it! Looby, you might want to blur out your address, all kinds of creep-os out there on the ‘net.

  13. I’d love to see the little shorts or underwear with an extra hole for a tail!

  14. says:

    Hey those are so neat! I too was so inspired by those japanese animals! too cute! I am making my own too just for fun! Amelia is such a lucky kid! Keep us updated πŸ™‚

  15. says:

    Miffy was the rabbit who had an “x” for a mouth. And almost all other Dick Bruna characters too, I think.

  16. says:

    when I was 3 years old my first draw was a character called catgirl, It looked like the prehistory of those ones