And a good weekend was had by all

We had a most fabulous, festive weekend. Friday night we got together with M (who is now a doctor! woohoo!), Dr Beard and M’s new man for some sushi. Unfortunately our sushi plans were foiled when we ordered 2 huge platters to feed the five of us only to be told that they had run out of sushi rice. So Indian it had to be. Fortunately the Indian was good and the company was better.

Saturday was family christmas lunch part 1 with rellies who were down from Sydney and who won’t be back for actual christmas. We pulled crackers, opened presents and ate huge amounts of food.

Saturday night Big-P and I were incredibly brave and left Amelia J with Mum and Dad to be baby sat while we went to celebrate Big-P’s birthday. We had our sushi fix (tempura prawn california rolls are so incredibly fine) and then went down to the Rivoli to see Harry Potter II. Apart from trying hard not to fall asleep and having the most insanely uncomfortable boobs due to missing a feed (these things they don’t tell you when you first think about being a mum!) I loved the new HP with Professor Sprout’s Mandrake potting class and Ron vomiting up slugs making the film for me. It’s the little magical details like those which make the books usually so much more fun than the films. Really, I could take or leave the high action scenes – giant snakes, trolls and mystery solving (although I did find some of the spider stuff pretty scary) – but give me more of the playful, quirky little ideas that make up the basic idea of Hogwarts and the classes and I am in childrens’ literature heaven.

Sunday was christmas barbeque and kris kringle time with a group of good mates. We sat around in the heat and watched babies crawl around (or lie around in Amelia J’s case) and listened to 5 year old Raffy tell us a million nonsensical knock knock jokes. The more we laughed at his bizarre, freeform jokes the more bizarre they got. That kid is a true dadaist.

The weekend was finished off in the best way possible for me at the moment, with Amelia sleeping soundly from 8pm until 1am and me hitting the hay at 9. Lovely, blissful, twilight sleep.

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5 Responses

  1. says:

    yay first post! just have to say, love the new layout. as for the new harry potter movie, i thought it was quite disjointed in the beginning and jumped around quite a bit. it was better than the first film though! quite a good adaptation too.

  2. Children have the most incredible ability to appreciate the non-sensical. My co-worker recently showed me a book his 9-year-old son had written which went on for pages and pages and went into great detail on the smallest point and yet had absolutely no plot or real storyline whatsoever. It was amazing, like improvisational jazz. And I’m sure it makes total sense to him, and he probably thinks we adults are morons for not “getting it”. 🙂

  3. I did try sushi over this past weekend. Can’t say it was a favorite, but the only thing I ate was the rice, which didn’t taste like much of anything..
    For those like me who never ate sushi before and don’t like the fishy “been swimming in the ocean” kind of taste, what sushi would you recommend?

  4. says:

    Speaking of Sushi, have you tried BenK Japanese restaurant (corner of Glenferrie and Burwood Rds)? My favourite. Love watching the old guy who cuts the fish, all day every day.

  5. On nonsensical stories — a great thing to do with a small child (a little bigger than Amelia J though) is to write down a story that they dictate and illustrate. It’s great fun to see what they come up with!