“Snow Day” by Emma, aged 8 – Best Song Ever

We are all loving this. The instant cure-all to the Wiggles. Let’s hope Emma records this so we can play this all the time rather than “Hot Potato”

(via Boing Boing)

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14 Responses

  1. Emjie says:

    This is awesome! That lil girl totally rocks.

  2. Teresa says:

    Yes, afraid I’m with Alana on this one, call me daggy, but I’m sticking with the wiggles, they have served me and my 3 little and not so little ones very well.

  3. Liesl says:

    Thank you for this public service announcement!! Maybe we can ditch Rock-a-bye bear for a bit. I love it.

  4. jessi says:

    that is possibly the coolest thing i have seen in a longggggg time!thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. Lisa says:

    ha ha this is great!

  6. Alanna says:

    I may be the minority here… but i’d take ‘fruit salad yummy, yummy’ over this any day – what is it about little kids singing that makes my ears bleed? High five for cow bell though…

  7. vickie says:

    I’m going to have to add that to the playlist on my blog. Wonderful!

  8. Fiona says:

    Fantastic – thankyou! Emma rocks!

  9. Anna says:

    That’s so fab, have you seen the little boy doing Folsom Prison Blues from the same event (it’s on the YouTube page), he rocks too and plays awesome guitar, I love it when he’s on the ‘wailwoad’!All the kids are so fab, I wouldn’t have even stood up in front of an audience at that age!

  10. Mandy says:

    Wow, that’s totally awesome. The girl has some confidence to just belt out such a rad song. I can’t get over this!! :-)This song will be stuck in my head for a long, looong time…

  11. Dandy says:

    I’ve never had a snow day before- as it doesn’t snow here- but that song just rocks!

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