Jam Fancy Ceramics

Have you seen Christina’s ceramics? She once again shows that she is an incredible jack-of-all-trades. I think the behatted lolly bowl girl is my all time favourite with the Geisha girl being a close second, but all of them are exquisite. We enrolled in a community ceramics course together at the beginning of second term this year, and while I proved to myself once again that I just don’t “get” clay, Christina took to it immediately. What a gal. I miss her stacks.

Oh sad day – for me. But if you are in Melbourne, Sunday could be a very happy day for you. Nathalie Lété is going to be in Melbourne painting two shop windows – catch her in Malvern and then in Doncaster. I’m not envious of you guys, no, not one bit, not at all… nope. Really.  …. …  …..

Great Horned Owls by John James Audubon 1814 and 1821

We have a nightime owl visitor. I think my love for this place is almost complete. Two nights ago there was a large dark silhoutte sitting on a branch of the dead fir tree outside our bedroom window. And it was making hooting noises – actual, real owl-sounding hoots. After listening to a bunch of audio files, we have him identified – the Great Horned Owl.

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14 Responses

  1. Lindsay says:

    Ooh, such a Canadian sound, those owls.

  2. Luann says:

    I love Great Horned Owls. Once in awhile you get to catch a glimpse of one at my mum’s farm in Alberta. So glad you’re settling in at your new home.

  3. meppybn says:

    Sooooooooo cute – the behatted lolly girl – I want one too!!

  4. Christina says:

    Just popped by to see what you were up to and got a bit of a shock, thought I was at the wrong site for a minute and had gone to my blog instead*L* and you cant be envious, one quick Nathalie Lete sighting doesnt stack up against living in a new paradise : ) I will film it for you, just like being there only you dont have to be here*L*

  5. Gasp! The little roses just slay me! I have always loved “Jam Fancy”. She paints girls in the most adorable way, and now they are in ceramic form… lovely!

  6. DH. says:

    YES! This is exactly the sound that drove me to do the Cloudy Collection print I made for the set you were in. They camp out near our bedroom window. I looked up the range once, and these HUGE BIRDS live all over North America, but people don’t see them all that often. Crazy, and awesome.

  7. julie says:

    thank you for continuing your story. A real inspiration to many. much happiness to you and yours.julie:)

  8. Jenni says:

    such lovely lolly looking glazes, don’t know you but i thought about you when i read about Nathalie Lete on Pip’s blog :)i hope to make it.

  9. lynne says:

    Blinking amazing ! I loved her dolls never thought you could transform such magic to ceramic.

  10. oooo, lucky you with the owl in your tree. love ’em. i saw “jamfancys” ceramics. i love her rabbit head. 🙂

  11. cintia says:

    Had a double treat on Sunday, not only did i get to witness the magic of Nathalie Lete, I also met Christina of Jam Fancy, fancy that?I felt like such a philistine amongst such talented artists…

  12. cintia says:

    Oh forgot. some pictures on my blog

  13. Rosalie Quaife says:

    I adore your Hooty owl sounds. Beautiful. This morning I recorded the birds in our garden.

  14. Bryony O'Hara says:

    There is a lovely Farley Mowatt book about Great Horned Owls ‘Owls in the family’, it is really for children, but a lovely read.

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