5.30 am is treating me fine

I so wanted to watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona tonight, but it’s not out on dvd here yet. Instead Phil brought home Burn After Reading which is still something I have been looking forward to seeing almost as much. Before we begin I thought I should do a super quick update on the Every Day in May project. Lots of writing.


Day Three (yesterday): I wasn’t going to get up early because it was Sunday, but was awake around 5am anyway and started thinking about the plot, so got up and wrote 500 words. Kids have totally cottoned-on to me being awake early and were up and banging on the door at 5.45am and then lay on the floor to moan at me through the gap under the door. Fortunately I also found time to work on the plot on and off throughout the day. This Every Day thing is working a treat. It’s all in my head again.

Day Four: Amelia was up at 4am and then on and off for the following hour. There was no way I was then going to get up at 5.30am to write. Instead I sat in a waiting room for 45 minutes during the morning and read my Plot & Structure book and it was pretty inspiring . I kept going through my bag to try and find a pencil to jot down ideas in the margins to no avail. V. useful for me was the idea that our minds naturally jump to clichés when coming up with ideas for scenes. The book suggests consciously jotting down several alternative possibilities for these otherwise clichéd scenes and then choosing the idea that seems right but also fresh. At the moment I have many, many scenes making me internally groan with boredom each time I open the files, so going back and asking myself “what else could happen here instead?” is kind of entertaining. Found time later in the day and wrote 761 words – worked on a scene I have had in my head since September 2007. It was one of my original ideas when I first started telling the story in my head. At the end of it I started feeling like it was a bit of a yawn so asked the “what else could happen” question and have started to twist it around a little. I will pick it up from there again tomorrow.

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  1. marrije says:

    OK, three days late to the party, but I’m going to do this too. I want that feeling back, dangit! Thanks for being an inspiration (once again), Claire!

  2. beci orpin says:

    its SO NICE to hear someone else is up at 5am! comforting thought while i am shivering in the dark at my keyboard and/or making breakfast for very awake children.

  3. Sooz says:

    Yeah, I am usually awake at 5.30 but with kidlets on the loose of reading is as creative as I get! I quite like early mornings, it is the giving up the evenings I fin hard! If only I could do well on 6 hours sleep a night … And had kids who didn’t love me so much in such direct contact kind of way 😉

  4. Emjie says:

    The only reason I am up at five is to feed baby Gwen, or to rewrap her back into a burrito after she gets her arms out.

  5. JunkerJane says:

    Both are great movies!

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