Stir-Up Day

Yesterday the lights of Melbourne dimmed a little as we revved up our old cooker and steamed our Christmas puddings for 8 hours.

Stir-Up Sunday
came a little early for us this year, as I decided I should strike while I felt up to it rather than waiting for the official day when we might be having one of those days when stirring an enormous bowl of fruit seems just a bit beyond me. Everyone had a stir as tradition dictates, including Lily who put the end of the spoon in her mouth – but I didn’t realise we were supposed to make wishes. All the while I was stirring I was thinking about how nice it would be to have a holiday in Byron Bay – so maybe that will come true by accident.

Obviously I won’t be able to tell you whether this was all a success or a failure until the weekend before Christmas when we have the first of our family gatherings and eat pudding number 1 — but it’s dark and rich looking and smells pretty good. We ended up using Delia’s recipe with some tips (and fruit buying from the Vic Market) from Paul — he uses vegetable shortening (copha) instead of suet, and only half the recommended amount. So that’s what we did too.

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  1. says:

    I finally got around to our Christmas cake today – it’s a recipe my mother made for my baptism cake. She made a different recipe for the baptism for each of the five children in our family, and made them all as Christmas cakes every year (as well as the wedding cake for those of us who got married). Mine has fig jam in the fruit, and mashed banana, and cocoa in the mix to make it a little different.
    I admire you making Christmas puddings with a baby – I only got onto mine “early” this year because I’m having twins next week and I can’t for the life of me see where I’m going to get any time at all to cook anything, possibly ever again.

  2. LOL I thought the lights dimming was due to all those air conditioners powered up to cope with the 30’+ weather!

  3. I’ve always loved the idea of Stir-up Sunday. It’s seems such a quintessentially English thing to take something like a prescribed church prayer and turn it into something truly important like a pudding signal.

  4. my mouth is watering…one day I will make a pud…one day!

  5. Love that stove! It’s even a bigger Bertha than our 70’s Magic Chef 700!!

  6. 1. I want that oven (only not electric… we have electric now & I still have trouble with it…).
    2. Your pudding tradition sounds lovely.

    3. Thanks for the cracker links! I’ve been meaning to look those up. 🙂