I’m an alien from Venus Bay

We’re back in Melbourne for a rainy Tuesday but it was spectacular down at Venus Bay over the weekend. Cool mornings and rain overnight but warm days with light breezes. Really just perfect.

I like Venus Bay – it’s unpretentious but still manages to have a coffee shop that can dish up a babychino with marshmallows on demand. It’s near enough to Fish Creek and the Flying Cow Cafe which I have always had a soft spot for. It’s close enough to drive to wild Walkerville to play in the rock pools and on a quiet weekend in October there was barely anyone on any of the beaches. We paddled our feet in the freezing water and collected tiny shells while Amelia ran up and down the sand finding the tiny waves both exciting and terrifying. Big-P discovered a new passion for heavily engineered sand castles that defied the incoming tide and we ate ice-creams with sandy, bare feet in the main street.

We’re going back for a week in January and I can’t wait. I am already imagining the feeling of sand underfoot in the shower and the smell of sunscreen permeating everything. Watermelon and cool drinks on the deck, board games in the evenings and an esky on the beach. It’s just the thing to keep me going through the next couple of busy months.

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24 Responses

  1. How wonderfully refreshing. Isn’t it amazing how just getting away can make you relax and unwind?I bet your creativity is refreshed and raring to go too!

  2. It’s still funny to me to read that you’re planning a beach vacation in *January.* Being from the US it still blows my mind how for the other side of the world, Christmas comes in the middle of summer. I’m glad you had a lovely time. Thanks for sharing all your lovely illustrations and adventurous crafty endeavors with all of us!

  3. what a great memory, and sounds like a dream of a place. Also, thanks for posting about Charlie and Lola in your sidebar thingy. I was starting to get tired of some of the afternoon shows on Nick Jr. and was happy to see C & L for the first time yesterday morning. I don’t know if my 9 mo son enjoyed it as much as I did, but here’s to fresh approaches in children’s programming!

  4. justine@62cherry.com says:

    I love your blogCan’t wait for our 1st Summer holiday with our 11 month old daughter YIPPPEEE!!!! we are going to Pt Fairie 🙂

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time was had. I’m a little jealous, i want to go.

  6. i’ve been thinking lately that we need to get away for a beach weekend soon. theres that hint of warm in the weather and my bones are screaming take me swimming in the salty waves. we have a secret perfect spot a couple of hours away – yours sounds wonderful.

  7. Lovely photo…there’s nothing like the sea to make things better.

  8. OMG, that’s where we used to holiday as kids! That and a beach near Walkerville! (Called Bear Gully!) What memories..thanks for sharing and making me dream of those times.

  9. DITO! We spent the day down at Pt Willunga … fishing, sandcastles, pebbles, seagulls… sand in everything… I even found some today (3 days later) in our bedroom? Your beach sounds a little more child and caffeine friendly..
    what a great incentive to choof on through the busy period.

  10. Now I’m jealous, sat here in Autumnal, rainy cold New York staring out at a grey East River… Where’s my beach??

  11. Ohh, how I love the beach. Now you’ve made me even more determined to get there this summer. Glad you had such a lovely time.

  12. Ahh, sounds (and looks) lovely!

  13. We’re moving back to Melbourne shortly after 5 years in Amsterdam. Posts like these make me so excited, all the nice things I’d forgotten about! Venus bay, Fish Creek and LOOK at the size of that beach! Its bigger than Holland! Ooooooooooh, thanks Claire!!

  14. That sounds like such a beautiful place! Here in New York we’re enduring the rain as it gets cooler and cooler outside. What’s a babychino? I love your blog – have been reading it for years but have never commented…

  15. I’m envious! We are just heading into winter here in Canada, and your post makes me crave the beach already.

  16. Awww… wonderful photo. Looks like the place they might have shot the photos in a book we have about “Wiggle Bay” (my 16mo daughter is a nut about the Wiggles).

  17. gosh, sounds wonderful. as a brit (albeit one who spent a year in oz), i have no idea where this place is.. any chance of telling me? please? 😉 i see a visit to the Oz rellies coming up.. 😉

  18. Oh that photo made my heart go a’pitterpatter, thumpity thump. And then it burst and scattered into tiny pieces across the floor.
    Sooooo sweet.

  19. poehler@xcelco.on.ca says:

    Oh sure, rub it in. Your looking forward to Spring in October while I’m looking out at a bunch of naked trees. 🙁 sob….I want my flowers back. Enjoy it while you can. My goodness this summer flew by. How would you like to have a seed exchange for your new garden? It would make my situation here a whole lot more enjoyable. 🙂

  20. Wow, thats so cool, you are making me impatient for Summer!

  21. reidfamily@pacific.net.au says:

    There is nothing better than a summer holiday and they are the stuff that childhood memories are made of. We have not had a proper summer holiday since BC (before children) so I have organised two weeks for us all at a house down at Cowes. We fluked upon this fantastic place that is right next to the beach !!! A funny story, but it is one of those “meant to be” stories. I can’t wait to get down there and eat bbq’s and salad and fruit all day, read books and gorgeous summer magazines, rediscover the joys of the banana lounge, have ice-creams dripping down our arms and faces and just to live life like it should be for two whole weeks. And of course, no rain is factored into my dreams, or days above 32 degrees or sunburn !!!!

  22. Hello! Your website is in the The Age’s Green Guide today! 🙂

  23. malage@iinet.net.au says:

    Can’t believe all this time i’ve been reading your blog and we holiday at the same spot! must say it’s the same things i love about V.B.

  24. “I know that site!” Was just reading the latest issue of “My Business” magazine (as you do) and they’ve listed Loobylu.com as an example of an intimate personal blog 🙂