39 weeks and 6 days

Hello – I’m still here. Not even a last minute dash around IKEA yesterday brought on an early labour which I was sure it would. Now I am convinced it will happen over this coming long weekend when my doctor is sure to be holidaying in the country.
We’ve pretty much finished the work on the baby’s room. We need to move in furniture and bits and pieces so it doesn’t look quite so cold and doesn’t have an intense echo which it does at the moment but the paint work has all been done and the junk has all been moved out. I wrote an article on basic ideas for designing a nursery yesterday for Kiddley and I have to say, while Dad and Big-P’s paint job is quite beautiful, the furnishings and accessories are hardly going to live up to my high standards outlined here! But it will do for now, and the little person who it matters to most won’t have a strong opinion either way about it for years to come. In the mean time I think it’s calm, peaceful and pretty.

The parasol will eventually hang from the ceiling… when we get around to it!

My favourite thing about the room at the moment is this funny old recycled door we bought in Richmond. Dad put in an old door knob as a temporary measure until we find a new, more functional one. I have this funny feeling that like many other of our temporary measures it might just become permanent. The door knob comes from the ruins of the old family house up in the country. It was the house that the family first lived in when they moved into the area but they left it for a newer, more sturdy place down the hill taking anything of use, leaving the rest on the hill to slowly disintegrate. All that is left standing there now is the wooden kitchen and a chimney surrounded by mounds of earth which were once the mud walls. Some years ago we had a bit of an amateur archeological dig up there and found all sorts of stuff including this door knob. It’s not exactly the most attractive door knob but I do like a good story and a good family historical connection. So it just might stay. Big-P thinks I am a bit mad, but I also like the outline of the old plate etched into the wood…

So now I need to put away all the baby clothes, hem the curtains, hang some pictures (not sure what they will be yet!), put in a feeding chair and some cushions and a floor rug etc. Lots still to do but at least the baby can come home to a room now.

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41 Responses

  1. serj@bigpond.net.au says:

    Lucky you! Best of luck with the new arrival. Can’t wait to hear how it all goes! 15 months later & my # 3 is still living in the wardrobe of our bedroom! His new room in our extension is nearly complete – just a little plaster & paint work & then he is in! I can’t wait to decorate it!

  2. mckantiques@bigpond.com says:

    Best wishes for the birth of your baby. Love the new blog by the way!

  3. Best wishes for the arrival of baby #2 Claire. I’m as excited about the impending birth as I am for my own soon to arrive niece or nephew! I love the parasol and the sweet blue on the walls. Beautiful colour choices…again!Good luck.

  4. Geee…. didn’t know a baby will need all those stuff. Our baby share a room with us. So we just need a babycot.

  5. Was so sure that this would be a ‘welcome to the world – new baby’ post. I was excited. The room looks lovely and very calm!!

  6. well at least it’s wednesday now so no baby Damien 😉
    have been thinking of ya claire, best of luck with everything! 🙂

  7. Claire, I wish you and your little one a wonderful and peaceful birth. The room looks beautiful and I also loved the door knob! I can see a tiny hand trying to reach it to open the door and start a great day in the big world.

  8. leetusdesigns@optusnet.com.au says:

    My best friend’s husband called me today to let me know they had given birth to their third child today. Im in Sydney and they are in Tamworth, so I couldnt just go and see her at the hospital. I was at Woolworths when he called and after I hung up I couldnt stop smiling at people…like REALLY smiling.People must have thought I was weird!! haha I cant wait to hear that all has gone well for you and all your blogging friends will be REALLY smiling for you too!! Best of luck Claire.

  9. Has Melbourne been freezing or what, and how was the deep fog for most of the 6/6/6 day?
    Good luck Claire and BigP … remember to breath nice and slowly now.

  10. I have one of those exact parasols in red hanging from my 2.5 yr old daughter’s bedroom ceiling. With the handle sawn off they make a dandy lightshade when the cheapo IKEA fitting smashes dramatically onto the change table in the middle of the night.

  11. Good luck, Claire. x x x

  12. Best of luck, Claire.
    Lovely room, I would paint that door plate shape in a matching color to the room, including the keyhole and nails in another pretty color.

    But you can do that LATER.

  13. The room is looking really lovely! Hope its inhabitant doesn’t keep you waiting too much longer. Wishing you a peaceful (and quick!) birth. xo

  14. Who’d have known I’d beat you to it Claire? I’ve been reading along happily expecting to congratulate you first, my due date was the 20th, but my girl decided otherwise and arrived on the 3rd 🙂 Crossing my fingers that you don’t have to wait much longer. The room is beautiful, by the way.

  15. I love the thought of ‘temporary measures’ becoming permanent ones over time. It just goes to show how life continues to move forward, shelving things that were once important, and shifting focus on a new set of important things, until an even newer set comes ’round, and so on. The doorknob is wonderful, especially because of the story attached to it; the ghostly outline of the old plate looks like a line drawing. You’ve got yourself an unintentional piece of art there (the best kind, methinks).
    Also sending you well wishes on the upcoming delivery. If s/he comes around this Saturday, we’ll share the same birth date! 🙂

  16. Hello! Each time I drop in I wonder if you have had the baby yet 🙂 I wish you well for the delivery and kind thoughts to Big P and Amelia. The new babies room looks beautiful and I especially liked the history of the door knob. Take it easy x

  17. Oh, good luck Claire! I hope her birth is as easy and quick as possible.

  18. sarahannwebb@yahoo.co.uk says:

    The outline of the old plate and the door knob work beautifully together to make a face! Lovely!

  19. It looks lovely. Best wishes over these next few days. I’ll be checking in to hopefully read about the latest edition to the Loobylu family!

  20. Isn’t it interesting how I’m waiting with great anticipation to hear about the birth of a little one halfway around the world? I love Planet Blog!
    Oh, and I love the doorknob and the story behind it.

  21. The parasol on the ceiling is a beautiful plan…I am wishing you a smooth and healthy delivery and can’t wait to see this new little one…
    Good luck!

  22. How exciting. Take care of yourself and best of luck!

  23. What a gorgeous way to welcome a new baby. You must be well and truly over the pregnancy by now! Good luck!Cheers

  24. blades7816@yahoo.com says:

    I think the doorknob is a pretty wood. Maybe its just the picture but I think its pretty! No need to replace it.

  25. People gave me all sorts of suggestions for poppin’ the babe out. None of them worked. I was 10 days late and after inducing (which I DIDN’T want but my doctor wouldn’t let me go longer than 2 weeks) I was in 36 hours of labour.
    the most common suggestion was tryin’ a bit of what got me into that whole mess in the first place. Idiots. Hubby was all for it. I started sleeping with scissors under my pillow incase he decided my opinion no longer mattered.

    of course, I think a lot of it was i was so damned scared of having a hard labour that I didn’t want the baby to come out. I worked until my due date and then took a week off and did a whole lot of sitting on my couch watching movies, hoping the baby would just like to live in my tummy forever (i’ve always been chubby and pregnancy thinned me out and gave me an adorably round tummy).

  26. Such a wonder-filled time, waiting for a new baby…can’t wait to read about your new little one!

  27. Good luck Claire, the room looks lovely.No one really wants the perfect magazine nursery, do they? They want knobbly odd bits, just like we all *really* want our kids to have knobbly odd bits and not be magazine children.
    Actually when I was pregnant with Frederique I dreamed I was carrying my baby around and it was actually a picture of a baby on the cover of a magazine that I was carrying. Hmm…wonder what that would signify.

  28. Also wanted to stop by and see how you and your family are doing 🙂 Best wishes for an exciting time for you all!

  29. Ok so are you and I going to have our babies on the same day? ;)Still here too and I went walking all up and down a huge mall today. Funny enough I’ve been saying for a long while now that I felt she’d be born this weekend because of the full moon that’s Sunday. Could happen. My son says his little sister will be here Saturday.

  30. Oh good luck Claire! I hope your bubba arrives quickly and safely!
    Nothing like cutting it fine in getting the baby’s room ready. What a gorgeous story about the doorknob.

    The bubba will love the room!

  31. the lighting in the wee one’s room looks lovely. can’t wait to jump over to kiddley and read your nursery post. just cleaned out our spare room tonight and am beginnig to look for nursery goods for our kidlet.
    excited for you all! …. arc

  32. That doorknob is perfect and I love the ghosty outline! I think it’s quite attractive.
    I was in about hour 12 of slow labor early on 5/4/05 when a “friend” suggested how cool it would be if the baby waited long enough to be born on 05/05/05. The hell I said. Glad you missed a memorable date too. Best wishes!!

  33. Those at the same exact doorknobs we have all over our house, although the one in the upstairs kid’s bathroom broke off last week with my boy locked inside. Should have left him there!

  34. i lost the mucus plug at 9pm friday night, and was hemming baby curtains at 10am saturday morning while the contractions got steadily stronger.
    best wishes to you!

  35. How exiting!I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now all the way from Belgium, and I love it!
    The colours look beautiful, the soft blue and transparent orange make a really nice picture.
    Good luck for the coming week.
    All the best,

  36. Hello Claire, I’ve been obsessively checking Loobylu every morning I get in to work – and today’s your due date! Yeehee!
    The parasol is gorgeous! Over on Kiddley the orange child’s room is very Brady Bunch, and exactly the sort of bedroom I’d like now!

  37. heleneswift@optusnet.com.au says:

    Dear Clairegosh there must be a lot of people out there checking your site every morning for news of the baby! COuld it be a little ‘George’ for Amelia (sorry Marcel -aged nearly 2 and i are both a tad obsessed with ‘Peppa pig’at the moment!!) Goodluck and btw the room looks absolutely beautiful!
    love Helene

  38. You and that little baby have been in my prayers for a safe birth and a joyful welcome to the world! Hang in there! 🙂

  39. white_carrie@yahoo.com says:

    Hi ClaireCarrie from England here, I added a comment when I was first pregnant a few months ago. Im still 7 weeks behind you and checking daily to see if your bub has arrived. Loved the nursery suggestions, they are beautiful. My nursery is pretty much finished too, just need to get a nice chair for feeding and you have reminded me I need a waterproof mattress cover – hadnt thought of that!

    Good luck with the birth,

  40. Are you going to paint a doorplate in like the talkjing doorplate from Alice in Wonderland? I love the parasol!

  41. Are you going to paint a doorplate in like the talkjing doorplate from Alice in Wonderland? I love the parasol!