Quick n Nasty Advent Calendar

With about half an hour to spare this morning I realised that if I was going to do an activity advent calendar for December it was going to have to be now or never. So I grabbed a couple of packets of origami paper and folded very rough and ready envelopes with an evening activity written on the inside of each one and sealed with an old yellowing sticker on which I wrote the date. They now all sit on the dining room table in an old box of Big-P’s. This is a box that has been sitting around for years because I thought P had some sentimental / family attachment to it. While I was photographing it I asked him to remind me why the box was so special and he said “my brother used to keep his receipts in it” . Ok, so a very special, old family box holds our madly rushed advent calendar.

Next year I am going to attempt to make something as beautiful as Rosa’s. Just perfect.

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18 Responses

  1. I am just in love with all these advent ideas floating around. This is brilliant. If its a rushed job, I can’t even imagine what you’d do if you had more time! Love the “special” box they’re in too. My husband had a paper mache-type desk sculpture he had when we married and I thought it was special till I found out it was his ash-tray in college!

  2. quick but never nasty. love the papers.
    i was inspired by rosa’s advent calendar too – i made one but it didn’t turn out nearly so nice – but it will do for this year anyway.

  3. melindapaino@hotmail.com says:

    you really must come to japan…..and, have you seen the movie ‘me and you and everyone we know’? i guess not as you may have written about it.when and if you have a spare 2 hours it is waiting for you at the nova…it has nothing to do with advent calenders however.

  4. excuse me ! quick and lovely Advent calendar. I my dear would have been lucky to have found some coloured envlopes… dont put yourself down

  5. rpsw4@yahoo.com says:

    Lovely paper-where did you get it?

  6. LOL! Yes, I’m quite in agreement… there is nothing nasty about your advent calendar. Your envelopes are big enough that you can re-use the paper later in collage or some such thing. And you’ve preserved the sense of daily anticipation. How wonderful!!

  7. Even your quickly thrown together things look adorable. So not fair.

  8. This is anything but nasty. I’m constantly astounded by the ideas found on blogs. My mum bought me and my partner, and my brother and his partner advent calenders from the $2 shop like she does every year – that’s nasty, but I damn well love it! Hehe.

  9. You are just a woman of action aren’t you. I admire that you seem to follow through with many of your ideas and wish I could do the same.

  10. i_annett@yahoo.com.au says:

    I did quick and dirty too – it went from origami stars with daily activity to cut out stars blu-tacked to blue paper behind the nativity set! Still, the kids love the daily task of putting a star up and lighting advent candles.

  11. I think your advent calendar looks great! And whats inside each envelope is going to make it so much fun to open. Way better use that for receipts!
    Have fun with all of your evening activities!

  12. Nice collection of paper there. Actually, if you had used a black marker to write the dates, it might look more finished. 😉

  13. oops…my last comment’s spelling mistake totally changed the meaning.
    I meant to say ‘Way better use THAN for receipts.’

  14. salwonthewest@yahoo.com says:

    I bet lots of people looking for some “NASTY” p-o-r-n are shocked and dismayed when a site touting the making of a sweet, innocent Advent calendar comes up. (;
    I don’t think it’s nasty at all. Makese me feel a little guilty for using the ones from the store.

  15. salwonthewest@yahoo.com says:

    I hope my comment that I just made wasn’t offensive. I didn’t mean it ugly. Just a funny thought I had! It’s okay if you don’t publish it. I just love this site.

  16. blades7816@yahoo.com says:

    This is such a wonderful idea! I love the paper. I was wondering what kind of activities you put in this? I’ve never done anything like this but its so intriguing that I have to try it.

  17. That paper is amazing. Did you find it somewhere local?

  18. felicityhopkins@optusnet.com.au says:

    i love your envelopes! we are celebrating the 12 days of christmas this year so no advent calendar but a 12 days calendar – very day from christmas eve to epiphany someone gets to king or queen for a day, we each get a small treat and we do something special as a family together. takes the focus off christmas day as THE day and no commercialism in sight! thanks for the inspiration