I feel like life is moving in slow motion at the moment – yet at the same time days are whizzing by and another weekend is upon us before I know it. I don’t understand this odd dichotomy except that I am still in a no-craft netherworld and I am not sure if I can ever get back. Of course, I am being overly dramatic and I know as soon as I have some surfaces, some space and my machine set up it will be non-stop action again. Also, I am still getting used to the dishwashing, clothes washing, cooking, feeding, bathing, cleaning, sorting, folding, sweeping, vacuuming, disinfecting, shopping plus working etc. that life is all about and I don’t understand how anyone has time to do anything else.
I have chosen a “storage solution” to deal with the problem in my studio. Originally Big-P and I were thinking we would build in some bookcases but after a little pondering we realised that this was going to be a pretty big job when there are huge amounts of other enormous and arduous tasks that also need doing, and this is something I need to get sorted out soon.

So my answer for the time being is IKEA’s Magiker.

I don’t know if I would have even given it the time of day if I hadn’t come across an article in a magazine some time ago which showed a set of them in a studio where it looked really very slick.

I think the big difference is the fact that they have repainted or recoated the doors – so I am going to find out how I can do the same. I am guessing some cans of spray paint from the hardware store will do the trick. I quite like the shade they have used – a kind of burnt reddy-orange. It has a nice retro feel to it.

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  1. says:

    ditto – I always wondered how you could find the time to do your craft. I do half the chores I need to do and I still don’t have anytime.

  2. I have some info on those shelves specifically, because we have them for our television unit in the living room (or at least a lower version of the same family, Magiker) The retro orange doors are an option door you can purchase. You can either do black, orange, grey-blue or glass, as far as I can remember. I don’t know if they provide this info on the website, but that was the options I picked from in the store (in Canada).
    Good luck with sorting out studio storage!

  3. I love Magiker. I fell in love with those orangey doors too and I’m sure they may have offered it once but I think it’s discontiued. “Country Living” also featured Magiker with fabric glued to the inside of the glass door. That looked really nice.

  4. Oh my, IKEA unites the world!We are moving into our new house next month here in Arizona and I am getting the Magiker line (3 units and the tv set-up) for my craft room! You must share your tricks for painting the doors. Also– what bins do you plan to use in the cubbies?

  5. i must admit, i’ve always wondered how you have time to do all the craft you do.

  6. First off, I love your site – have been reading it for a fair while now but never commented! I just bought a house too, and have been sanding walls in preparation for painting, and soon we will be doing the floorboards – it’s exciting isn’t it? But it also drags on and on. I love the Tord Boontje curtain, it’s marvellous! I’m treating myself to a ‘midsummer’ lightshade in hot pink for the living room, eeee! Your studio looks really lovely. My play room will be an arts and crafts/computer room and is much smaller than what yours appears to be, but it will be all mine and I can’t wait to get in there and use it – only a few more weeks to go *sighs*.

  7. oh if only ikea were in Adelaide… we are getting one NEXT may!! I dont think my studio can wait that long… that Storage system will look mighty funky in that wonderful space you have

  8. We actaully bought one of those cupboards in that colour from Ikea in Richmond. They do look kinda retro 🙂

  9. Claire! That is the EXACT shade I’m going to paint my walls of my bedroom. I was like – I know you’re supposed to paint smaller rooms lighter to make them look larger, but I just really like that burnt reddy orange (in real life it’s probably “vintage copperized reddish rustic tint” or some equally foolish name) and I am going to paint my walls that anyways.
    IKEA is a shopaholics worst enemy and when I moved to Boston, the nearest IKEA was 600 miles away. Now they’re building one that’s accessible via public transportation. Things are about to take a turn for the worst in my bank account.

  10. Those shelfs will be great, and orange on the doors will be nice too. I would’ve gone for pink my self! 😉 And painting is fun, it is such a great way to add a special “you” look to your suraoundings!

  11. I too, am in the process of moving into and organizing my first home. I definitely feel your pain! I have been painting every day for the past 5 days, I’m beginning to think I am rolling on paint in my sleep. 🙂
    And, actually I want the Magiker cabinets too. The orange color doors would match the color of my dining room walls – I thought the doors just came in black or silver. Sweet. Need to make the 5 hour trip to Arlington, VA soon. 🙂

  12. Ah, the call of the Ikea shelving. I just hit up the store myself for my craft room, but the Magiker wasn’t in my budget. I went with the $17.99 (USD) Farker (?). Ha!
    Anyway, when painting/refinishing that laminated stuff: sand lightly, then use either spray paint or oil-based paint. Latex will essentially peel off, if it adheres at all. But, yeah–those cupboards have optional doors.

  13. Despite it’s current state, your studio looks like a wonderful space-airy and light! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished room and all that it inspires you to create :o)

  14. says:

    I know!!! It is amazing how much ofthe time pie it takes to simply do baer maintenance in the home, especially when settling in!!
    Now you can see more clearly how much your folks were doing in support and the family!

    It’s mum’s day here in the states this Sunday! Good ol’ mums!

  15. Claire, don’t let the house get you down. We’ve been in our first home for a year and a half and I work full-time and have three half grown kids. There isn’t enough time. There never will be. Just do whatever creative thing is burning inside you and then clean up like the dickens when you’re done!

  16. that’s what i like about ikea is you can get a half decent design without having to pay the high end prices. i think those cupboards will look great.

  17. the fusion paint by krylon is suppose to stick to just about anything!

  18. says:

    i have a magiker shelf + doors in my room and i love it. i especially like how it has legs so it’s raised above the ground. ikea has some plastic bins/boxes w/ lids that fit perfecly in or underneath it but i can’t remember its name right now.

  19. I love IKEA stuff. We just did our sewing/computer room in IKEA. We like the Effektiv series because it has desks and storage units with drawers. Here’s a picture of the unit I put together for my sewing stuff. (hope that link worked)

  20. I love the idea of painting the doors! I might have to try that with some of the cheap furniture I have, to give a new life. And all these comments make me want to go to Ikea! Good thing it’s an hour+ away so I never want to drive that far…

  21. Ikea furniture is really easy to modify. I took a bathroom cabinet that had these plastic portholes in the doors and popped out the portholes, covered them with an ecru silk diuponi fabric, and the piece is now the pride of our main hallway! Everyone sees it and asks where we got it, because it looks so swanky. I wouldn’t have called it swanky before the enhancement!

  22. noooo no no you don’t have to paint the doors at all ~ we have those exact cabinets with that exact color- you get to pick the doors that you want for it – they have 3 choices, white,birch,or the orange…. 🙂

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    i found the bins that i use in my magiker shelf- they’re called ‘slugis’