Big-P just rang to inform me that Loobylu has won a 2005 Bloggie for Best Designed Weblog. I am totally dumbstruck – Totally! While I will acknowledge that I can do a cute drawing from time-to-time and sew a mean pear – best design? Best design? My fellow nominees are Karen, Jason, Brooke and Shaun so you can see why I feel a bit undeserving right now. Trust me, this is no false modesty — Errr…. Thank you if you voted for me – I really appreciate it. Wow! Just don’t look at my source code, as daniel will back me up, it’s ugly in there.
Also, hearty congratulations to some of my favourites Shauny (hooray!), Heather (how many awards can one girl win??), Tom, Boing Boing and Rannie!

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60 Responses

  1. says:

    Congratulations on the well-deserved accolades. Yours is one of the sunniest locales on the web.

  2. Congratulations! You DO have a fantastic blog!

  3. says:

    Your site is so fresh and beautiful, I’m not surprised by your sucess. Congrats!

  4. congrats! you do have a wonderful site!!

  5. Congratulations, don’t be so modest because it looks really lovely around here 😀

  6. says:

    You DO deserve the award! I’ve never been here except today after linking from the bloggies, site, and what fun browsing around. So sunshine-y happy — love the pears!

  7. Well done! That is fantastic news. You totally deserve the accolades.

  8. Dude. Wow. You deserve it – congratulations,

  9. Kudos!!! You so, so, so deserve it! Celebrate BIG.

  10. thats so cool!! did you know that you win a free book made out of all your Loobylu entries from LuLu?! neeeaaatooooo!

  11. says:

    Congratulations, and thanks for the lists of great blogs that I am working my way through (to the detriment of my workplace efficiency, unfortunately!)

  12. Congratulations Claire! Well done, and I can’t wait to see what you have coming down the pipeline!

  13. hey, I sent you an email elaborating on something but I wanted to say hello here so you would know who I am!
    Big congrats and you so deserve them!

  14. Woohoo!!!! Well done!!! Brava!!!

  15. Wow! Indeed it’s got great design!! I’ll have to make a post about your blog and the other winners soon!

  16. Ran straight over from the bloggies to say CONGRATS!! You da bomb baby!

  17. Congratulations Claire!
    I think you’ve won some bloggie or another since I’ve started reading you!

  18. congrats claireyou totally deserve a bloggie.

  19. Congratulations, very much deserved!

  20. Kudos!!! So cheery and lovely, how could it it NOT win?!

  21. congrats on a deserving win 🙂

  22. Congrats! Ur blog looks real nice… 🙂

  23. Congratulations, you deserve it.

  24. good on ya claire! and thanks 🙂

  25. Great Stuff Clair! Congratulations, your blog is a island of clarity in the murky world that is blog design

  26. Congratulations and well deserved 😀

  27. says:

    Well done!Congratulations!

  28. Congratulations Claire – your blog is great and you really do deserve the recogition for it (as well as having the patience to host all our softies fun!)

  29. says:

    Congreats Loobylu!!! Weeeee!!! :-)))

  30. YAY!!! What a wonderful feeling you must have! Your illustrtaions are so unique and sweet that I am not surprised!!

  31. Congratulations on this – and for being part of the wonderful DRAWN!
    Best wishes from Wales.


  32. A big mazel tov from New York. You deserve it. It’s always nice to be here. In addition to soaking up the ambiance, I’m loving your link lists these last few days. xoxo Kay

  33. Hi! Congrats! I went to vote and discocered you, and I also voted for you! It is well deserved! When I need a smile, I visit your site! 🙂

  34. says:

    Way to go! I saw the Bloggie Awards results this morning, and had to zip by to offer my congratulations. Well done, and you deserve the recognition.

  35. I came to see what all the fuss was about.I’m glad I did.Very nice blog!Really aesthetically pleasing.Many congratulations.

  36. What an honor. Congratulations.

  37. says:

    Congratulations! You were mentioned in the Age Green Guide the other day too 🙂

  38. says:

    Thanks for always making an effort ,even when you are tired or grumpy, or under stress and write something interesting for the blog.It makes it more valuable for us.Besides, I believe you are an amazing illustrator/designer=you deserve it=

  39. says:

    Yippee! Congratulations! You DO deserve it! Your site always looks great and it’s easy to navigate.

  40. hey your space I like much, is very interesting his content…Congrats!!!

  41. You rock, and you totally deserve it! Enjoy it!

  42. Well done Claire. Your site is lovely. I look at it most days to see what you are up to and am always inspired by what I find.

  43. C is for Claire brand ClevernessL is for the LURVE in the room
    A is for the Art that runs in your veins
    I is for the intelligent lifeforms that gave you the award
    R is for the ray you rook tonight (scooby speak)
    E is for the evolution of the Blog, of which, you have inspired many.

    Cheesy I know, but I’m standing here in my cheerleaders uniform ready to put them all together.
    (Say it with me people)

  44. I’m not the least bit surprised…Congrats!!!

  45. says:

    Congrats, I live in Chile and this morning I was reading the news paper and there was you, I was like, hey I know this girl, well not know but I know her web site!!Again congrats

  46. Design is so many things, And you deserve the price. Have a nice day 🙂

  47. Well done on winning your award. I have only just started reading your blog and i am already addicted. I will so be adding you to my dailies xx

  48. CONGRATS, Claire!
    No need for modesty – – you DESERVE it in every sense!!! And EVERY drawing you do is adorable!!! So happy for you. 🙂

  49. You were the first “blog” i actaully became aquainted with and and now I blog on my site and took up knitting. You deserve this in a cosmic way! Go girl!

  50. Big ups to the C-girl! Love ya, girlie–keep it up!

  51. says:

    what a lot of comments from all over the world. Well done Claire, you deserve the award. I check your site daily , love it, although I must confess the Knitting needles are still in the bag, and the soft toy patterns are still in a box! I like looking at what other people make though!

  52. You’ve got a real nice looking layout. congrats on the bloggies.

  53. says:

    Congrats. You site makes creating and crafting cool again!

  54. i just love your site, bloggie award or not! (of course if it wasn’t for the bloggie, i wouldn’t have found this whimsical little treasure cove!) u make me feel like picking up the needle and thread again… thanks so much for sharing with the world! 😀

  55. congratulations on your award!
    also, lola kitten arrived yesterday. she is so wonderful and cuddly! thank you 🙂