Happy Australia Day!

I have just finished making thumbnails and putting together the gallery page for January’s Month of Softies. There are still a few days before submissions close at the end of the month (so please send them in!), but I am so overwhelmed again by how lovely and how varied and funny and characterful all the cats are. I am pleased that people who have never sewn before are taking part, I am pleased that people with incredibly busy lives are making time to have a bit of creative fun and make a whimsical little cat for no other reason than to share it with everyone and be a part of this strange project that really has no object. I need to finish my cats now — I am still sewing on their ears and need to get moving as there are ten little frocks that need to be made.
Today was a nice day despite the relentless heat (we are waiting impatiently for the cool change to roll in and apparently a batten-down-the-hatches severe thunderstorm). We had French Toast with the Hoskens first thing where they also plied us with coffee which was a very good move after our late night bingo session. It was very nice to just mooch around and not have to rush off to do anything in particular. Poor old Suze wasn’t feeling so great and Amelia managed to do a good job of almost totally destroying their house, but apart from that it was very pleasant. This afternoon Amelia and I managed huge naps and woke up to find Special-K sitting in the lounge room watching the tennis and discussing the idea of total mind transplants with my dad. I was way to blurry to understand what was going on with either the tennis or the mind transplant conversation but it was nice to see her and I cooked her an omlette for dinner. She pointed out that today is Big-P’s first Australia Day as a naturalised Aussie! Happy Australia Day Big-P. Now I am going to go and do something about those cats.

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8 Responses

  1. australians in the u.s.a are celebrating too, i saw on the Today show with katie couric. oh how exciting and fun it sounds! 🙂

  2. pauls@burnet.edu.au says:

    Happy first Australia day to Phil, hope you didnt watch that Australia day concert thing on the telly, I switched it on in the afternoon and there was John Howard!!!! My cats are made and getting photographed tomorrow so wait for me : )


  3. Happy Australia Day indeed. Unfortunately I was working today but basked in the patriotism of double time and a half, and felt truly thankful for public holidays! I can’t wait to see this month’s ‘MONTH OF SOFTIES’ gallery, its getting close!

  4. Happy Australia day. I’m so excited to see your cats, and all the others too. I’ll try to participate next month. It seems so much fun.

  5. well what a coincidence! today we celebrate Republic Day in India!
    Happy Australia Day 🙂

  6. dude! 7 days left… seven
    Happy Australia Day! We’re getting all Wiggles all day. Oscar is so pleased. His new favorite holiday I think.

  7. Happy Australia Day! My husband stayed home sick today, so he got up late, looked at the calendar, and said, “Oh, it’s Australia Day today.” So then I thought, hmmm, who do I know in Australia?

  8. I am sure you know, but did you know you were up for a “Best Blog Design” award at http://2005.bloggies.com/? I didn’t see it mentioned on your site… :)You have my vote anyway! 🙂