Where oh where oh where is Clarence?

Unfortunately, Clarence has ceased to be. Last week, he was accidentally left at a relative’s house; the very next night, the house in question burned to the ground.”

Can you help us find a replacement Clarence for our little friend Alice? Perhaps you know of another Clarence that is no longer needed or loved, or perhaps you could copy this little banner down (right click and save please!) and link to Paul’s entry on your site.

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16 Responses

  1. elffle@yahoo.com says:

    I’ve sent the link to everyone I can think of – lots of mommies who are searching for Clarence now. Big hugs for little Alice.

  2. O… how sad! And what a truly adorable child! I’ve copied your banner in hopes of spreading the word to my legions…er…six followers. Hope Clarence Redux is soon is the merry clutch of that gorgeous little girl! And bravo Claire for hatching the ingenious banner plan!

  3. lara@larajayne.com says:

    thanks so much Claire if nothing else Alice loves the banner. Just to let you know my Auntie is being well taken care of her community has rallied around providing a tempory home, clothes for her and her boys,toys,bathroom suplies ect. Thanks for your help.

  4. oh no! :(my first toy was a funshine carebear which went EVERYWHERE with me and i would have been a sad little girl if i’d lost him. poor alice! 🙁

    i’ll keep an eye out, but they should have done what my parents did: bought a spare for emergencies!

  5. Funny you should say that lou: not 2 weeks ago I was flicking through the playgro catalogue at work trying to find a Clarence so we could have a spare, but couldn’t find him in there — little were we to know we would need one so soon…

  6. I’ve joined the search campaign. Hope it helps!

  7. laurenmackbaby@yahoo.com says:

    I’ll post this to my Live Journal ASAP. Good luck!

  8. neradms@execpc.com says:

    My heart aches for little Alice and her relatives. I live in the US, but I have a great deal of time, and I will do al I can to search and hunt for a new Clarence. I know there must be a Clarence waitng to go home to this beautiful little girl.Has anyone contacted Playgro with this story? Maybe they would make a “special Clarence” for Alice being this was her first toy and the horrible circumstances her family is in at this time. The good will story this would generate would be wonderful!

  9. Reading this, I am instantly brought back to the time when I left my favorite stuffed animal, a dog named Irma, on a train. I got her back a few days later thanks to a very nice conductor who remembered where I’d gotten off, but it was absolutely tragic and devistating when I thought that she was gone forever.
    I’ve added Clarence’s banner to my site. I hope that his twin can be found for little Alice very soon.

  10. I looked all over online last night and only came up with a beenie Clarence and an outdated auction for the real thing. I’ve put the banner on my site too. SOMEONE somewhere has to have one!

  11. I’m helping in the search for Clarence too and have put the Clarence banner on my blog.

  12. well, if a new Clarence is found, still look for a another spare!
    my mum kept a spare for when the original needed a wash, i couldn’t even be parted for those few hours!
    …the only thing is that after a few years the original starts to look a little, umm, jaded? compared to the spare 🙂

    now i’ll go put that link on my site!

  13. I’ve put the banner in my blog too. I’m sure I saw Clarence before… I’ll keep searching.

  14. I remember being very sad when a favourite bear went missing, but my mother told me he had gone on a long journey to see some friends on the other side of the world and would come back after a few weeks, perhaps around the time of my birthday – then when he did come back, on the very morning of my birthday (how lucky was that?) I didn’t notice he looked a bit different from when he went away.

  15. bella@phd3.co.nz says:

    he’s not clarence but he is close…http://au.store.yahoo.com/readingbox/pg613.html

  16. I posted this on my AP board. Maybe somebody has a Clarence or knows where to get one. I hope it helps.