Sounds ok

I currently don’t have a mobile phone, but when I do finally get one, I would love to have loons yodelling or a great spotted woodpecker drumming as my phone ringtone. The British Library offers mobile telephone companies and service providers access to its 100,000 wildlife recordings.
Here are some of those sounds online.

Plus how cool is the job title “Curator of Wildlife Sounds”?

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6 Responses

  1. How cool is that for an idea. I think I would go for the seagull sounds. They would remind me of home.
    We used to have the scariest seagulls that would hang around our garden, bullying the bread from the smaller birds and itimidating our cat. Early in the morning they would start clog dancing on the roof and my Dad would go out and though a ball at them. Well it sounded like they were wearing clogs;-)

  2. I would much rather have a loon calling me than those really annoying ring a dings you hear all over : )
    I really love the illustration style you have by the way,,
    Very beautiful…

  3. I especially love the Crested Gibbon (Hylobates concolor).

  4. The only acceptable animal ring tone is if you could get a ring tone of a lyrebird which had learned to impersonate a normal telephone ring.
    I mean, what IS it with people and having their mobile phone play some crappy version of Für Elise or the theme from Rocky or something? Sounds terrible, annoys everyone around you, and makes people you don’t even know immediately think that you’re a wanker.

    I just don’t get it.

    (The lion one WOULD be pretty cool though.)

  5. LOL – I saw that on the news last night ….i think they could get very very annoying…

  6. Like Susie, Crested Gibbon for me – it would ensure that I answer my phone within the first second of it ringing…I think I’d be hysterical if I let it ring for 10 seconds!