Happy Halloween!

It’s a lovely spooky, misty day here on the island – perfect for those spirits to walk amongst us. Here are two horrifying photos for you. 1) Our cheery looking jack-o-lantern and 2) me making a collar for a halloween costume (to order). Which is more terrifying? Let me give you a clue, it’s the one that rhymes with “next year I am buying a polyester piece of crap off ebay.” My Little House on the Prairie girl looks like she’s wearing her great grandma’s voluminious night dress… and I have spent the last three days making her look just so. For future reference McCall’s 9424 …. forget about it.

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  1. Sharonnz says:

    BTDT twice. Gratifyingly the girls still wear them. Thank goodness I sized them up at the time.

    • Claire says:

      Maybe that’s the advantage to this great huge dress. Next year (as she will be in Middle School) she can dress up as Little House on the Prairie zombie girl.

  2. Sashwee says:

    Ha! I understand. I just spent days making a Kiki costume (Kiki’s Delivery Service) including bow, cat, broom etc. It leaves me wondering what the point is, and why its so much easier to do this (I did enjoy a lot of it) than to put concentrated effort into other parenting objectives.

  3. Lili says:

    The children will remember those moments when mom spent time, money, energy – whatever…blood sweat and tears. They will remember when their mothers celebrated their darklings being children and dancing with ghosties and witches and all sorts of creatures.. Making memories and happy children. Nothing better 🙂 Was trick or treating on the Island exciting? Would love to “hear” about the adventures! My own Portia helped make her costume this year which was great fun! In our neck of the woods in Wisconsin the big trend was Boys dressed as Princesses and Girls as Princes and they roamed the streets in packs, shaking up the status quo and many a fathers boggled minds. xo Happy Halloween and Da de los Muertos!

  4. Susan says:

    My daughter was Laura Ingalls last year. I don’t sew, so I had to wing it. I ordered a bonnet and apron from etsy and found a prairie skirt and boots at a thrift store. We finished it off with a not-so-authentic tan corduroy shirt. She was happy with it. Hope your recipient is as well!

  5. Saskia says:

    That is one serious collar, and an absolutely ACE pumpkin! We Trick or Treated for the first time this year. Halloween has taken a while to really catch on in Australia. My boys were beside themselves with excitement (and I raided their lolly bags for days afterwards. Bad mummy).

  6. Kim says:

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