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Hello Wednesday! My hot + not blog entries are measuring the speed of time for me right now. Obviously NaNoWriMo is swallowing huge globs of my free time so everything else has come to a grinding halt (Including a notion that I might have made entirely homemade christmas presents -Pah! Ridiculous!).

Here’s the game plan:
To play along, it’s as easy as writing up your own hot/not list on your blog and then linking back to me here at loobylu.com and then adding your url to the widget below.


The umbrella plant in the kitchen (above).

Writing break through: So hot! 35000 words and still going. I have had a bit of a fraidy-cat block about the 30k mark as that was my bomb-out point back when I tried NaNoWriMo in 2001… I blasted past that point on Monday morning in a furious 2 hour writing session. And suddenly my book is a YA (middle reader) Fantasy book. I don’t know how that happened. My spunky little heroine literally took a wrong turn in a tunnel and all of a sudden there’s time travel and talking foxes and ancient shape-shifting Scandanavian mountain trolls… oh well. At least the words are flowing thick and fast even if I do have to edit out around 40k in December.

The kids ever changing breakfast cereal mix: Cocopops (very small amount mainly for the excitement factor), cornflakes, puffed rice, shreaded coconut, cut up dried fruit, almonds… it changes every few days as I stir through new things to top up the container.

Kirsty’s beautiful new house… and my mate Lizzie’s awesome new kitchen. Suffering from serious nice house envy, girls!

Good people making good stuff for Christmas:
Ward’s fantastic rubber stamps , Amber’s Kids Craft Weekly Christmas Craft and Card books and Cookies new wall decals.

Lily’s Kinder orientation. She was such a star – all confidence and cheer. I was quite taken aback (and impressed) when she was the child on the mat needing to be gently reminded that this was “listening time” as she tried to share all her stories right away.

NaNoWriMo Pep talks – they arrive in my inbox when I need them most.

Amazing enormous wall decals – my kids are keen on the little guy falling down the stairs with the broken skateboard by Darcel.


Finally getting off my butt and doing some baking – made a banana cake and didn’t realise I had used salt instead of sugar until I was putting it into the oven and happened to lick my finger to get rid of a tiny blob of batter. Β Argh.

Taking dad (and his station wagon) all the way down to Ikea to pick up two chairs for $99 each. Bargain! And with acorns… can you spot my mistake? Apart from not being as cute as I hoped in person and a little more like camouflage material, as my dad pointed out… they were also not $99.

Home organisation meltdown… my system needs work. The main flaw with my home organisation system is that it’s not just about a pretty set of index cards. It’s also about doing what the little cards say – like housework – and cooking! Never mind. I’ll get to that after I hit 50k.

My blog! December will be all about a redesign for my poor neglected blog which is terribly neglected and literally falling apart at the seams.

And you?

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29 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    Good for you with the writing, I believe every good author neglects housework and chores so I wouldn’t worry about that too much!Your blog doesn’t look like it’s falling apart to me! x

  2. I can see how easily you could think that – verging on false advertising really!

  3. christie says:

    Ikea mistakes are never good, did you end up getting the (not $99) chairs?I’ve done the salt/sugar thing before…

  4. Nora says:

    That novel sounds a little bit excellent. Anything involving talking foxes, Scandinavian trolls, and time travel is okay in my book! And really, is a kid lost in your heroine’s adventures going to care if the author keeps a clean house?

  5. Leonie says:

    Aww Claire, go easy on yourself. NaNoWriMo is hardly the time to be testing a new system of organisation. In fact, if it would work 100% without faults in November, I’m pretty sure it’d be terrifying.Your YA novel sounds amazing – enjoy that, and may the chores wait until November!

    Will join in tomorrow when Wednesday hits on my side of the globe.

  6. Kirsty says:

    Very much looking forward to the further adventures of your heroine.I’m guessing you didn’t get the camo chairs…what a bummer.

  7. Bianca says:

    Oo I like the sound of your ever changing cereal combos, might try that. Ours is always an uninspired mix of weetbix and cornflakes.

  8. Happydacks says:

    I would have thought the same thing and rushed down to grab some too! Bummer!I am in H+N again this week xx chele

  9. Holly says:

    The banana cake and Ikea mistakes would have been very disappointing! Def not hot. Well done on the writing front, very exciting!

  10. Tara says:

    35000 words kind of blows my mind. Well done Chickadee πŸ™‚ x

  11. Yolanda says:

    I think I may be a bit sad to see your blog’s look change- I do get happy when your banner greets me with her adorable blushed cheeks… However, the thought of a new friend to greet me when I check in is pretty fantastic too! Congratulations on your writing- very inspiring!

  12. Oh, I sympathise with the whole blog redesign thing being NOT. I have spent so much time tinkering/breaking my blog that I wish I’d read ‘Html for Dummies’ first. Good luck!Jetsetting Joyce

  13. pilgrim says:

    wow… thats SOME cereal alchemy there. its never occurred to me to mix up my own but it would certainly be the answer to all my problems!and the writing blows my mind. it takes me 23 hrs to even write a shopping list!

  14. Your blog’s great! there’s more to life than blogging and your busy writing a novel! you can’t do everything! Love the ABC Decal!keep up the writing, you’re doing amazing!

  15. beth says:

    I am jealous of your NaNoWriMo efforts!! My last attempt was thwarted by the flu in about 2004…haven’t been game to try again since then!

  16. Kudos for maintaining the baking, whatever the outcome. (My sourdough starter remains ignored in the fridge.) And weekly posting is still more than I am able to manage… so don’t be so hard on yourself! πŸ™‚

  17. Jacquie says:

    Everyone is making banana bread at the moment. Must be the new in thing.

  18. Tanya says:

    Well done you! Keep up the writing, the housework will still be there when you finish! I left my characters suspended mid sentence over a year ago! Must finish it one day….. x

  19. Lil says:

    Wow that’s serious writing your doing, how fantastic! Keep it up..hopefully we can read it one day πŸ˜‰ Love your unbrella plant too…I am still to acquire a green thumb which is surprising since I come from a couple of generations of serious gardeners…Oh well..even pot plants suffer under me…Otherwsie I too was in IKEA the other day..a ‘chest’o’drawers’ I wanted for my daughter wasn’t what I thought it should be, but bought it in the end as when I looked at my other ‘options’ suddenly those drawers seemed ‘Ok’…

  20. Heather says:

    thanks for keeping up what’s hot and what’s not. You inspired my post! (though I had been meaning to for a month already πŸ˜‰

  21. Kristi says:

    I just stumbled across this site today and I’m sure glad I did on a Wednesday. I love this idea!

  22. CarolB says:

    Way to go Claire!Trust me, the housework will still be there when your book is done. It’s worth it.

  23. Leonie says:

    I’m having some trouble posting my link this week – sorry if it turns out I’ve added it sixteen times!

  24. Ange says:

    When I was a Girl Guide, we made a huge pot of hot chocolate one night, and couldn’t work out why it tasted rank, so kept adding more and more of what we thought was sugar. But of course it wasn’t, was it?? I think everyone in the world makes the salt/sugar mixup at some point.

  25. Anne says:

    Love hearing how your book is changing direction – really looking forward to reading about the ancient shape-shifting Scandanavian mountain trolls! Very hot indeeed! πŸ™‚

  26. Ward says:

    Thanks for the mention, Claire! Yay! And best of luck on your writing! Happy to see that you’re still at it. Can’t wait to see what you’ve written! Keep it up!

  27. Mandy says:

    Congrats on making so much progress in NaNoWriMo. I pooped out at 3000 words, I think… I just could not find ANY time to spend! Such a disappointment. But your book sounds so charming! Maybe it will become the next big read??

  28. Linda says:

    I have been lurking at your blog for a few years and thought I should delurk and join in the fun of hot and not. Can’t wait until we can all read your book!

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