Shorty shorts

Some snippets:
Last Friday Amelia J threw a fierce tantrum in a bookshop and then later took two steps across the kitchen floor. Toddler-hood begins for real.

We have been watching a DVD of Jud’s called The River Cottage and it makes me want to rush out and find a cottage in Dorset and grow vegies and keep pigs.

Winged Migration has some incredible footage of birds in flight but the “making of” special on the DVD is sadly way too short.

I have a new haircut that looks like a $230 haystack.

I have started writing a new children’s book and it’s like pulling teeth. Oh the agony!

Loobylu has been nominated for Best Australian/New Zealand blog in the 2004 Bloggies! Thank you to whoever was kind enough to nominate me. Some of my favourites are also up for awards which I was very pleased to see.

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34 Responses

  1. I’ll definately be voting for you!
    Did you really pay $230 for a haircut?!?! (haystack or no haystack, I’ll cut that head for you… if you lived anywhere remotely near to the westcoast of Canada…)

  2. Please tell me you got lots of colorwork or something done for that $230. That is obscene!
    I tried to vote on the bloggies page but it never shows the titles of the categories. Some glitch going on there but I did find some good new reads.

  3. says:

    hi-five on the nomin…your blog is up up and away with the best. i was wondering about what your January was about? December is still there and each month i look forward to your updated likes…

  4. Your a perennial favourite who deserves to win, best of luck Claire!

  5. $230? The new children’s book project must be bringing in the megabucks. 🙂

  6. Ha! I wish. Yes the haircut really did cost $230 — it was a shock to the system, let me tell you!

  7. Congrats on your Bloggies nomination, well deserved! 🙂
    I love River Cottage and of course, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall!
    Do you know if your friend bought that dvd in Australia or from overseas? Hugh had another fantastic series on Lifestyle – TV Dinners, worth watching if you see it on foxtel again.

  8. Good luck for the Bloggies nomination. It would be great to see you win!

  9. says:

    can i ask… what did you get for $230? must have been some serious colour work going on there…

  10. You look funky, urban and professional…now all you need is the expensive pram, $230 shirt, $230 pants and $230 shoes and you’ll be set.

  11. Oh, I love the expression on your face – it’s priceless!! If those colourists could colour hair like you’ve drawn yours here, I’d pay $230 for it tomorrow!

  12. says:

    I thought of you when I saw the ad for an illustrator for a new book (25 pictures wanted) in the Weekend Australian but considered that your creative talents are probably best applied to your own projcct which we eagerly await. But now with $230 haircuts …. : )

  13. says:

    Hi Claire. So what is January 2004 about then?

  14. says:

    hi claire.. congrats for the award! you deserved it.. juz found out ur blog. it’s really nice. me as the melburnian is so proud of u!

  15. *gasp*I didn’t even realize there was a “making of” feature on the Winged Migration DVD. I’ll have to watch that tonight. It’s probably short because it’s an independent film and all.

  16. Congrats on being nominated for the Bloggies. I have a feeling that you are sure to win.

  17. says:

    hey, I almost forgot!
    congratulations to Ameila J!!!!


  18. says:

    oh, river cottage, that was one of my fav. programs while living in the uk. when the english do it they do go full on, don’t they? i’d forgotten about it. thanks for the reminder.

  19. says:

    oh whoa! How did you deal with the wobbly?!?!?!

  20. I did the terrible, terrible thing of letting her keep the book she was shrieking about and left the shop as fast as possible, thus teaching her the very important lesson that if you scream loud enough, you get what you want. What have I done??

  21. says:

    It would be such a difficult situation. Wish I had some advice. I once saw a kid chuck a wobbly in the middle of Borders, and her dear mum looked just as much shocked as embarassed and horrified! Thinking ahead of your actions just wouldnt be an option!

  22. says:

    Congrats on the Bloggie nomination Claire! Yours is by far the best website nominated in that category.
    Toddlers are funny when they get to the tantrum stage, my niece would scream until she went all red and sweaty just to get what she wanted!

    No idea what the solution is there, Im not sure anyone does!

  23. congrats on your nominations and again i have to say with the illustrations you make everything look decidedly less heinous and offensive – even if in real life it looks like a haystack

  24. says:

    how much money do you need for the cottage?

  25. My vote’s in. I’ve just spent the best of the morning looking at the other blogs on show. ‘Baghbad Burning’ is definately worth a look.
    BTW Claire – you’ve probably been asked this before, but how do you do the illustrations on this blog? Are they hand-drawn then scanned in, or are they done straight to computer? Sorry to be a pain, but it’s been bugging me, thats all.

  26. Oh, the joys of toddlerhood. Hee. I have a little boy who’s coming up on ten months and he’s getting both the walking and attitude down pat.
    I saw you on the Bloggies & voted for you! Someone else sent me there to vote for their site, but when I noticed Loobylu was up for an award I made sure to send support your way too. 🙂 Your site is just gorgeous.

    And you reminded me I need a haircut. Badly.

  27. Congrats on the nomination! I hope you win.

  28. amir (and others who might be interested) – claire has done a few interviews – there’s one in the archives of gusset that includes her process – and google claire robertson for more…

  29. Gosh! Your illustrations are getting prettier every day. I’m such a big fan of you, but never quite expressed it. I also like the links you post on the site. Always lead me to other great sightings. Thank you!

  30. good on you clare, definitely the cream of the crop 🙂
    and definitely check out TV Dinners on Lifestyle channel, there was that unforgettable episode where he was a christening party and placenta pate was on the menu… eek…

  31. says:

    Congratulations on your win in the 2004 Australian Weblog Awards!

  32. If the Australian Blog Awards are to the Bloggie what the Golden Globes are to the Oscars… Loobylu will be hard to beat.

  33. I know someone in Sydney who pays to have his hair straightened, cut and coloured and it costs… (wait for it) … $1,000
    Makes $230 seem a bit tame really