Marshmallow Bunny

My Creative Space 18

My Creative Space

School is back and Lily has decided to start afternoon napping again which is kind of her, so I am getting a little bit of creative time: 1) painting wooden dolls 2) getting back...

My Creative Space today 20

My Creative Space today

I am taking part in Koo’s My Creative Space¬†¬†meme again this week and, as per the game plan, I have hidden a heart somewhere on my desk. For easier heart-hunting you can click on...

Goodies in the works 17

Goodies in the works

Just a quick note as I have had a few emails today about the availability of Loobylu bunnies. I am working on a small group of bunnies which will be on sale at the...

Career Highlight? 26

Career Highlight?

Heather was on Oprah today (in the States). That’s pretty exciting; Go Heather! But ALSO my toys were on Oprah! In the background! Look, see?

Marshmallow Bunny for Bushfire Appeal 17

Marshmallow Bunny for Bushfire Appeal

I have finished my little wonky rabbit and she is now on ebay, with the full proceeds of the auction being donated to the Australian Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. Just think, not only will...

Rabbits are multiplying 42

Rabbits are multiplying

I am getting there. I found a couple of spare hours today, ransacked Lily’s room to turn it into a photo studio of sorts (you should have seen my scary looking lighting set up…...

Shake it up 18

Shake it up

I’ve been getting super jealous of Pip and her photo shoot. It sounds like a dream come true. This afternoon I finally finished my small group of five rabbit/mice things and thought I might...

Marshmallow Bunny auction is UP! 6

Marshmallow Bunny auction is UP!

The first Marshmallow Bunny I have made in forever is up for auction this week. All proceeds (apart from ebay fees) will go to The Mirabel Foundation to support the work they do: “The...