Summer afternoon illustration

  Playing with printing on different papers. This is a inexpensive, non-archival quality manila drawing paper; slightly bigger than usual at 12″ x 18″. I like its tooth and it’s tone. I will be...


Frances in the Forest

  I’m on an etsy roll — there’s no stopping me now. Frances in the Forest – Giclee print now available. Happy weekend!  


Beatnik Print now on etsy!

I have had a pretty perfect weekend full of sunshine, coffee, pizza, sleep, long baths and more sleep. On top of all that I drew a lot and that felt great – I also...

Gloomy photo day 23

Gloomy photo day

Today was going to be all about the photos – the rabbits that I have been slowly (oh so slowly) stitching away at for months are finally done and I was going to take...

Susie Ghahremani is DRAWsome 3

Susie Ghahremani is DRAWsome

Here’s a fun idea from Susie Ghahremani of Boy Girl Party – order a custom illustration designed to your specifics. Answer a series of questions for Susie to narrow it down and get your...

Good stuff by subscription 9

Good stuff by subscription

Photo from yesterday’s Age – by Rodger Cummins. Subscriptions! So good. Sign up once, and then it just keeps going and going. I subscribe to a couple of magazines and a couple of zines,...

Dear Prudence 27

Dear Prudence

Yesterday I finally took a little leap of faith and starting working on a Waldorf doll. I am calling her Prudence because if it hadn’t been for the gorgeous Waldorf dolls which Prudence makes...

Thanks! 20


Thank you so much to those who bought a print last week and thank you to those who left supportive comments regarding my first foray into Etsy selling – I really appreciate it. It...