Starry Serenade Samples 6

Starry Serenade Samples

1. Loobylu Starry Serenade pillowcases, 2. Starry Serenade Embroidery WIP, 3. Starry Serenade in Pink, 4. Untitled Have you stitched my Starry Serenade pattern? If so, I would love to see a photo some...

Starry Serenade Redwork Pattern 55

Starry Serenade Redwork Pattern

I’ve been working on my contribution to Kirsty’s Rework Quilt Project and have been enjoying the gentle, repetitive stitching. I drew up my pattern in Adobe Illustrator so thought it would be easy to...

J’aime le chain stitch 30

J’aime le chain stitch

I wrote the title in french because “I love chain stitch” is comparatively dull. But it’s true, I do. And none of the other stitches can compare — at the moment anyway. I am...