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Thursday 18 July 2002

Today is P-day. That being my Probationary License test day.

And? I passed!

The test itself consisted of four parts. The first was the 20 minute driving test with my instructor sitting beside me and the tester in the back seat making an unnerving amount of notes. I kept low speeds, checked my mirrors more than usual (but still apparently not enough), and came to full and complete stops at stop signs. Then there was an eye test, a knowledge test (multiple choice) and lastly a hazard perception test - a computer simulation which was a pretty ridiculous, artificial thing to have to do; at the bottom of the screen is a cartoon like steering wheel and dash displaying the speed being traveled at in big green letters and above that some fuzzy video footage of different driving conditions. The instructions "touch the screen when it is safe to go", "touch the screen when you would break" etc. pop up and you supposedly time it as you would if you were really driving. Why they aren't satisfied that you have covered this ground during the actual driving test is beyond me.

Last night I read the road rules book from front to back until I was going cross eyed and then spent the entire night dreaming about driving through bizarre back streets, only to wake up feeling exhausted.

"never use your horn around horses" -- ok - I can remember that...

But I managed to hold it together and although I am heading towards an afternoon nap, I feel so incredibly elated! Yey! A ten year goal has just been reached.

ps. I think I am suffering from preggo brain. I am actually in week 29 of the pregnancy - not 28 as I reported in the Baby-X blog... which means there are only 11 weeks to go!


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