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Moving must be nearly over
Monday 15 July 2002

No picture today. Too tired to draw.

The weekend was as hectic as it could have been. Moving house is not something I want to do again in a long, long time. One year I moved something like five times - of course that was back in the minimalist days when I could pack my entire set of belongings into my dad's car and with a little help from my parents be all set up in my new digs within hours. These days it takes a whole week with me (as pregnant as I am), Big-P, Mum, Dad and two big, burly moving men and a huge van, a guy to clean some carpets and the heating ducts, another to change the locks, a plumber to fix the leaking toilet and sink, a telstra guy to install cable, a trip back to the flat to spend an eternity cleaning, a trip to the hardware store to get locks for the windows so our insurance will remain valid, a bottle of ant-rid (ants in winter?? yikes, I am not looking forward to the summer infestations) and several thousand cups of tea (camomile for me).

I am beginning to get really tired again, and the frantic week of moving related activities has certainly exaggerated this. I think I may even skip yoga tonight which is terrible, I know, but I am just so, so tired and still feeling a big squiffy (see Baby-x Blog below) so a quiet night in front of The Secret Life of Us and the Osbournes is on the agenda.

This thursday is my driving test! I have been doing a fair bit of driving around the suburbs with Big-p, Mum, Dad... anyone who will dare to take me actually. I even drove at night but freaked out when I was trying to change lanes. I had absolutely no idea how fast all the headlights in the rear view mirror were coming at me and my idea of space and surrounds was completely skewed by the darkness. Will driving ever become a part of the everyday?

Baby-X Blog
Week 28 - means there are only 12 weeks to go. Last week Big-P and I ran into our old hairdresser at the video store. He hasn't seen us in a year or more but he told me he could tell what sex the baby is. After placing his hands on my belly for a moment - which was a little embarrassing in the middle of the busy video store - he said very matter of factly "it's a girl". So there you are. A little daughter. If he's right. Last night I discovered one of the many not-fun things about being pregnant; Having a relaxed muscular valve between the stomach and the oesophagus due to high levels of progesterone... mix this with a large dinner of spicy chicken curry in full fat coconut milk and a large glass of orange juice and a very sour tangerine for dessert and ewww.... gross. Vomity vomit. I was mostly upset by the fact that I thought I might have food poisoning which can be extremely harmful to baby-x, but she seems to be cheerfully tumbling around again today so perhaps she just has an over indulgent mother.
Baby is 26cm from head to bum, and weighs 1.15kg. Mother is feeling huge. Has sore feet and cravings for chocolate. Weighs 60.5kg.


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