Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again.
Saturday 11 May 2002

In a week's time we will be boarding a big ol' jet and heading to Canada to spend a couple of weeks with Big-P's parents. I am looking forward to the holiday and to seeing Big-P's large family... and to new release movies and North American candy (peanut butter and chocolate? That's CRAZY but delicious!) but I am not looking forward to the long trip which I think takes over 20 hours. I am not looking forward to worrying about my usual plane phobias (hijacking, crashing etc) and I am not looking forward to feeling uncomfortable and cramped with no place to stretch out. At the moment I get tired from sitting in a lounge chair in front of tv for more than an hour (whinge, whine). I was also a little concerned about the placenta thing that I mentioned on Thursday so I called the doctor to make sure that travel would be fine and he said "Yes, for sure!", but then he decided to tell me what the worst case scenario might be just to prepare me incase of anything and (please don't read on if you get grossed out by such things) he said "well, there would be a LOT of blood. But it's your blood, not the baby's blood so you don't have to worry about that and it usually stops. You would have to calm down the people on the plane around you. Then I guess you would have to spend the rest of the pregnancy in Canada." ... eeep!

So to distract myself from any such ideas floating in my head for 20 hours I am going to buy some good books that can just totally involve me. Anybody have ideas for books I can lose myself in for a few hours? The trashier the better.

When I get back I am going to redesign my site! Yey! New colours, new fonts, new fun. I might even use something like Moveable Type for speedy and controlled updates... can you imagine? I still just use crazy html and even crazier Dreamweaver for my daily updates and it does get a little laborious.



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