Baby belly
Thursday 9 May 2002

I have almost finished cleaning out my study. It has only taken me the good part of three days but the difference will be remarkable. I have done mountains of washing, put together boxes of items for the local charity op-shop, bags of clothes for the clothing bin and arm loads of books for the second hand bookshop.

In other much more exciting news Big-P and I went along to our 19 week ultrasound on Monday morning and saw little baby-x wiggling around. She/he had one arm slung back and her/his little hand tucked very casually behind her/his head in a very relaxed manner. It's quite nice to think that I have a very relaxed baby and I am sure that it must be due to all the afternoon naps that I take. So everything with the little babe is fine - heart, kidneys, spine, etc. Apparently my placenta is a little low but I have been told repeatedly that this is quite normal for the second trimester and should be ok by the third so we'll wait and see. We were very tempted to find out what sex the baby is but gallantly resisted - preferring the surprise in September or October.

My belly has well and truly "popped" now. I catch myself walking by the full length mirror and have to stop and marvel at the fact that I definitely look pregnant. There's no pretending it's just bloat or a beer belly any more. There is something growing in there and none of my old clothes fit.

my, what a big belly you have

Today a marvellously large parcel arrived from my dear buddy Paula. I had asked her to pick me up a Chris Ware Lunchbox from her local comic book store and she filled it with all sorts of lovely goodies from Baby Gap (there is no such thing as Baby Gap - or any kind of Gap for that matter - in Australia and their online store won't deliver to anywhere outside of the States - bah! Yay Paula!)... including one of these and this and some weeny-tiny little socks. She also included one of SARK's books, Inspiration Sandwich which I am going to sit down and devour once the study is finally tidy.



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