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Who Wants to be a "Phone-a-friend"?
Friday 7 June 2002

Last Monday night our friend Paul was a contestant on Who Wants to be a Millionaire (which will screen next Monday night at 8.30pm, channel 9 for Australian viewers).

boof head

As required, he had organised a couple of phone-a-friend buddies which included Jud (another one of our sushi guzzling pals) and Big-P as well as Nic and me all acting as one team. So around 6pm that night Big-P and I wandered over to Jud and Nic's place for pizza and the possibility of being called up by Eddy Macguire (host of the show, and all round Australian celebrity type) if Paul got stuck. Paul and Jud had been practicing all weekend with Jud getting faster and faster at using key words to get the answers out of google. Big-P was supposed to load a copy of an encyclopedia CD-ROM onto his lap top to be back-up just incase Jud's Internet access was down but unfortunately somehow the CD-ROM got forgotten in the excitement of the day. Fortunately the connection was up and running so there were no worries there. Around 6.15pm the station called Jud and told him that Paul was in the hotseat and that we should be on standby incase he needed to call us.

The only thing I can see is BLUE!

Jud had a shot of whiskey and took his seat in front of the computer... He practiced his impressive "hello Eddy!" voice and had to be kept away from downing a second whiskey. Seemingly moments later the phone rang again and Eddy Macguire was on speaker phone... he made fun of us a little and then Paul got to ask his question. He gave us the key words "flag quarantine ship" and we had twenty seconds to find the colour (either black or yellow). As you can see -- the only colour listed on the page is blue... and blue was not the answer but by then we had run out of time, Eddy was making fun of us again and the audience was laughing at us. Perhaps if we had tried "quarantine flag colour" or even "quarantine flag" under the images tab we would have seen that the colour is yellow and we might have helped Paul win $32,000. It was not to be. In the end, Paul went against his gut reaction - which would have been right - and came away with the measly $1000 prize. Devastation all round... Paul explodes here.


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