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Wednesday 5 June 2002

We're back from Canada! And back with a new design for the loobylu front page. Please let me know if anything looks shockingly wrong or out of place, especially if you are using a mac or netscape.

We had a really good time in Canada. To be honest, I was worried about traveling so far from home whilst being pregnant but all my worries were completely unfounded. Big-P's family spoiled us rotten and everyone went out of their way to show us a really good time.

Holiday Highlights: getting lost in the woods, seeing spiderman and about a boy (which was great and now I want the soundtrack), family parties, holidaying by a lake, catching snowflakes (in May!), making home movies, baby clothes sales, peanut butter and chocolate, Big-P feeling the baby kick for the first time, shopping (indulge, indulge), delicious carrot cake, and realising that all of Big-P's nephews and nieces are now technically my nephews and and nieces too, and how amazing and funny and talented they all are.

wow! babies are this small???

On the bad side, both the flights to and from were nothing short of hellish. I can't believe how many people they cram into those tiny little planes. I was seething with jealousy each time we boarded a new flight and walked past the huge sofa-like first class seats to get to our crappy little seats at the back of the plane. Knee room is a thing of the past on international flights. The number of times we had body scans, our bags searched, had to turn on our cameras to prove they weren't bombs was ridiculous. Even when setting down in Hawaii for one hour in the middle of the night to refuel we had to go through the rigmarole of US customs.

Now it's back to life-as-I-know-it; client emails, house hunting and working out what to cook for dinner (delicious and nutritious and easy? hmmm).



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