Secret No More
Thursday 21 March 2002

Today I turn 30!

But apart from that, well... my very exciting news that I have been attempting to keep secret for the last three months, is that Big-P and I are going to have a baby in late September.

Yes, that's right! A baby.

We went in to have our 12 week ultrasound yesterday and watched our tiny little 6.5cm fetus kicking around and waving tiny hands at us. It was the most overwhelming, amazing, beautiful thing I have ever seen. We got a video of the little wriggly action and have watched it three times so far. "Is that it's leg? Oh my goodness! Look how big it's brain is! And how supple that spine is!". To think all that movement and growing and life is going on inside me right now - It is frightening and exciting and not quite believable.

is that a baby belly or a tim tam belly?

Can you imagine how hard it has been finding other things to write about here when my whole body is going through the most incredible changes and the idea of being a mother has been ringing in my head since January?


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