Going to the Prom
Tuesday 19 March 2002

We spent the weekend down at Wilson's Promontory climbing mountains, eating good food, standing facing the wide blue ocean and breathing in cold salt air that blew in from the direction of Tasmania. My legs are still recovering from a bush walk that turned into a sharp, unexpected ascent up what seemed like the biggest mountain in the district. I would love to get fit enough to be able to do an overnight camping hike and stay out under the stars and smell the wet undergrowth and listen to strange little night noises. But perhaps not this year.

A busy week ahead with plenty of birthday activities. I turn 30 on Thursday... 30! Am I really almost 30? I don't feel like I thought I might feel at 30. Surely 30 is a kind of adult age.

This is what I thought I might look like at 30:

all dressed up and no where to go

Fat chance.

I am actually looking forward to my thirties for all sorts of reasons, the main one being that I get to leave my messy twenties behind me.



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