"Never use your brakes. Like Bugatti said, cars are for going, not stopping."
- Michel Poiccard, À bout de souffle

Tuesday 12 February 2002

This morning I had driving lesson number 6, or there abouts. I did pretty well... of course I was shaking and nervous all morning and had to gulp down some rescue remedy before joining Mario, my driving instructor. Did you know that rescue remedy is preserved in rum? As a learner I really should avoid all alcohol before driving but I don't know if I can manage without my pre-driving lesson routine of a big glass of water and a few drops of rescue remedy before I face the highways and the byways. Mario told me that I am doing very well. All I have to watch now is my speed, as I tend to break the limit. This always comes as a shock to me as I am so busy worrying that I am the worst, most embarrassing driver on the road. When I glance down at the speedometer and see the little stick waggling around 65km/h I can hardly believe it. "Watch your speed...." Mario says in warning tones. Also I am not very good at slowing down when going around corners... who would have thought?



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