Brrr 1


Baby, it’s fierce outside. I’m using Flickr again — you can find me here.

Snow fight at dawn 42

Snow fight at dawn

The girls were awake before 5. How could they not be? This was the first time either of them had seen a blanket of snow. We held them back until the sun came up...

Snow day – by popular request 4

Snow day – by popular request

I posted this last year, but we’ve been watching the snow come down all afternoon and drinking “HOT chocolate” and singing this song. So now you can too.

Cold Grey 22

Cold Grey

This has been one of those long winter weeks. Phil is away working in California and both girls (and now me too) have been sick with temperatures and ear aches, and there have been...

Collaboration 11


I left a doodle in blue pencil on the kitchen table on Friday night. On Saturday morning after breakfast I found a little elf had elaborated on it in yellow texta. I like the...