Painstaking Coraline 8

Painstaking Coraline

I was doing some searches on “doll hair” (because I am making a new doll for the Softies for Mirabel project, are you?) and I found an interview with Suzanne Moulten, head of the...

Ponyo 16


A quick update tonight – as I can barely string a sentence together after a long night up with a kid with the voms. But we all went to see Ponyo this afternoon, and...

Electric Car – They Might be Giants 7

Electric Car – They Might be Giants

One for the wee bairns. Softie inspired video – Features vocals by Robin Goldwasser. I see some familar looking softies in there, and Kirst, I am sure one of your Marks is driving one...

Black Cab Sessions 22

Black Cab Sessions

I spent a long time browsing through the short films of the Black Cab Sessions last night, and it made me so happy that I thought I would share them with you too. You’ve...

Quimby the Mouse 11

Quimby the Mouse

This is a little sad. One of my kids loved it, one of my kids clasped a tissue to her eyes and told me it was terrible. Via Joyville & Drawn

This is where we live 3

This is where we live

This Is Where We Live from 4th Estate on Vimeo. Lots of cut paper in this one!  “A film for 4th Estate Publishers’ 25th Anniversary. Produced by Apt Studio and Asylum Films. The film was...