High Rotation Monday #6

Smoothies We are trying to compile a list of our top favourites so the freezer is full of fruit and the fridge full of tubs of yoghurt. So far we are loving one we...

Drawing 27 of 365 1

Drawing 27 of 365

Still drawing — This weekend I spent a little time playing with the new app. It really is a neat little thing to tack on to a twitter account. I will attempt to...

My favourite driving music right now 4

My favourite driving music right now

Jónsi – Go Do from Jónsi on Vimeo. The screen shot above is a little scary looking – but it isn’t a scary video. The music is uplifting and perfect for driving down through...

Snow day – by popular request 4

Snow day – by popular request

I posted this last year, but we’ve been watching the snow come down all afternoon and drinking “HOT chocolate” and singing this song. So now you can too.

Un tour de Manege 2

Un tour de Manege

Un tour de Manège from Les Manèges on Vimeo. So beautiful – click over and watch it in all its glory over at vimeo. Meg has good things to say about it over on...