meet me at mikes

Scooter 11


Scooter – freshly purchased from the gorgeous Meet Me at Mikes and crocheted by Jess! So happy to have little Scooter hanging about the house.

Mike’s week of favourite things #2 7

Mike’s week of favourite things #2

Mike’s week of favourite things continues! Today I have posted a picture of my favourite sideboard with some favourite objects. Yet again, the snap is a bit dark and taken months ago, but it’s...

Mike’s – the Book 4

Mike’s – the Book

Cute cover! Pip’s book is available for pre-order now at Readings – ready for the very exciting date of March 25th. I have a little project buried within the pages – something super easy...

Crafty goodness in Melbourne 6

Crafty goodness in Melbourne

I feel so lucky to live in Melbourne today because Pip and Gemma have launched the spectacularly cool and awesome and useful website — “Craft City Melbourne – A Directory of Local Faves“. If...