Chet Faker & Vikings make it all ok

Chet Faker – Talk Is Cheap from Toby & Pete on Vimeo. I’m holed up after surgery and going a bit koo-koo. There is nothing more frustrating then doing nothing when there are so...

A litte house in a tree 18

A litte house in a tree

My dad has just finished building a treehouse right down the back of my parent’s garden. My dad is a meticulous planner, and a brilliant problem solver and he has put in a grand,...

Sunday Night Spag Bol 49

Sunday Night Spag Bol

There is nothing nicer than something bubbling away on top of the stove on a Sunday evening. When I was small, Sunday evenings were the pits. I would watch the Donnie and Marie Show...

Melbourne craziness 6

Melbourne craziness

We took the kids into the city on Saturday morning – we wandered the laneways and crossed through Federation Square… for us it was a little like this cheesey musical number (via @twitofalili), but...

Doodling 31


We are slowing moving into my favourite time of year – Autumn that is. I am still yet to catch my breath after the start of the school term and, as we are doing...

Ketchup 17


My week in pictures. There were wild winds and sick kids. Aah Friday… In exactly two minutes I am picking up the phone and ordering Mushroom Mutter, naan bread and some kind of crazy...

How to Build Community 19

How to Build Community

Love this – building connections and community is big on my mind these days. It’s the stuff of life, don’t you think? This should be stuck on our fridge. (via shauny on tumblr)

Skipping in the daisies 12

Skipping in the daisies

Image via the wonderful Dinosaurs and Robots Saturday afternoon and we’re wagging swimming lessons. Just another thing to not tick off the list this week. So what have you been up to? I’ve been...