Drawing 7 of 365 12

Drawing 7 of 365

The girls went back to school today after a couple of weeks of holidays. And what do I do? Sit down and draw them. Sad really. Here’s the early sketch version for the sake...

Spy girls 11

Spy girls

There are spy girls creeping around our house wearing advanced technology bracelets. Look down and you might find a tracking device has been planted on your sleeve, or your pants. Also — The Quilt...

Seven is my lucky number 18

Seven is my lucky number

My girl is tucked up in bed with a fever after having spent her birthday driving back in the car from NSW feeling lousy. Not much of a birthday. She came home to find...

Bird Brain 7

Bird Brain

I’m afraid to say that I have caught the birding bug. It’s pretty hard to avoid around here… today we saw a Black Fronted Dotterel and my day was made. ┬áBut now my brother...

Saturday night pasta 9

Saturday night pasta

There’s nothing like a deliciously creamy pasta dish when you are bone tired. All the better if someone else is cooking. Phil’s specialty is a weekend favourite he has nicknamed “Heart Clog” which is...

Kitchen table drama 16

Kitchen table drama

This afternoon: Marshmallow bunny factory This evening: School project 11th hour Yesterday: Paper dolls Last night: Testing every felt tip marker in the house and throwing out the duds.

Happy Father’s Day 3

Happy Father’s Day

To all the Greatest Dads in the Universe. Have a fabulous, chocolate-croissant-laden, socks’n’underpants-gifted Father’s Day.

Stepmothers – Meg needs you! 1

Stepmothers – Meg needs you!

Are you one of those wondrous creatures who has taken on the role of stepmother? Or do you know anyone who fits the bill? If so, my lovely and talented friend Meg would love...