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Drawing 33 of 365 0

Drawing 33 of 365

The fast and the furious today. Lady Godiva, dontcha know. Ok… now off to do a bazillion other Saturdayish things. See you anon.

Drawing 32 out of 365 3

Drawing 32 out of 365

This has been a tough parenting week. We all have them. I spend my whole time trying to get my creative, imaginative, anxious kids to relax… yet I can’t seem to do that exact...

Drawing 29 out of 365 1

Drawing 29 out of 365

I’m working on some dolls at the moment. They look a bit like this. Stitching, knitting, stuffing, giving. Drawing them takes a lot less time than making them. They are labours of love and...

Drawing 28 of 365 2

Drawing 28 of 365

Sketching like crazy… can’t quite get it. Some days I feel like the sketches are better than the finished pieces. I like this one. There is a lightness to it that my other, more...

Drawing 27 of 365 1

Drawing 27 of 365

Still drawing — This weekend I spent a little time playing with the new Vine.co app. It really is a neat little thing to tack on to a twitter account. I will attempt to...

Drawing 23 of 365 2

Drawing 23 of 365

Clearly this isn’t really a new image for today but just yesterday’s drawing finished up. As time goes on I am getting less fussed about the rules, as long as I am drawing every...