Rainy day and my ugly mug

It’s a miserable day here on the island. Luckily I am partial to rain and heavy, grey skies. The crazy, tree-limb tossing, roof-pounding wind I can do without. I am about to head over...

Jam Fancy Ceramics 14

Jam Fancy Ceramics

Have you seen┬áChristina’s ceramics? She once again shows that she is an incredible jack-of-all-trades. I think the behatted lolly bowl girl is my all time favourite with the Geisha girl being a close second,...

You *will* love Lili Scratchy 9

You *will* love Lili Scratchy

Lili Scratchy – so good! I can’t say any more because I am practicing my new “computer off by 9.30pm” rule and it’s 9.34… but do check out her blog and all the wonderful...