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About Claire Robertson
Editor In Chief


I was once named a “Power Blogger” by WIRED Magazine – and have had a long love-affair with publishing, both online and off.

Beginning at the age of 7 with the exposé-based NIMBIN NEWS –  A felt-tip pen lettered broadsheet full of interviews with hippy kids living on a commune in tropical New South Wales. The question I posed to the resident children: “What would you do with a million dollars?”, brought unexpected answers such as “I would buy a helicopter and fly far, far away from here”.  Parents were shocked! I was shocked but completely thrilled by their shocked-ness. I was hooked. I then moved on to a far less controversial but much longer-lived hot air ballooning fanzine which I edited and photocopied with my brother little brother. By grade nine I was publishing SPLAT! Magazine, which was a gossip and reviews magazine that we splattered down the walls of the school corridors. Then it was on to reviewing music, interviewing bands and wrangling layouts at Melbourne Uni’s Farrago, through to helping launch the still fabulous The Big Issue Magazine (which is celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary this year!). And then of course in 1999 came Loobylu, the blog which led to a decade of web publishing. For me, it’s always been about getting stuff out there, in a kind of compulsive way.

Clients have included:
Scholastic Inc, Cambridge University Press, The New York Public Library, Pinterest, Chirp Magazine, The Big Issue Magazine, ABC Online, The Five Mile Press, NaNoWriMo and Klutz Books.

Press mentions:
The Design Files, The Guardian, WIRED, The Age, Decor8, The Wall Street Journal, Three Thousand, The Sunday Age, The Australian.